Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life happens

Let's start with Miss Mabel.  Here she is going into school for the reading night.
Here she is listening to a story read by the principal.  She brought her favorite doll and her Peppa Pig.  This is her friend.  I could tell right away that Mabel was the follower, I know these things.  So what was funny isn't so funny now.  Well, that cell phone thing was pretty funny.  The event went well.  I know there was at least one other grandparent.  It's hard to tell anymore with parents waiting til they are older to have children.  I think some of the parents thought I worked there.  Well, I did and I volunteer there.  Guess, I have that look.  No, I didn't wear my jammies.  Mabel wasn't too happy with me about that.  I told her I didn't because they had monkeys on them.  She thought that her friends would like them.

Now my son.  He is back to his apartment.  My, oh my, is what Hubby said about the pickup.  Just as I figured the birth mom is still the same person just older.  Like my husband said, "It's just not right that people live like that."  A run down trailer, no water or heat. and who knows what else.  She does have an I phone.  I don't have one.  She just isn't able to be more than what she is.  It's just too bad.  Now to keep our son realizing this is the life that he came from and that we have protected him from.  I could write a book about what we have been through.  I will spare you.  It's hard to explain but when this happened this week-end, it was like he was 4 years old again and we had to protect him.  Another worry is that he will try to take care of her.  I feel bad for her life.  But when he refers to her as mom......that hurts.  I am wondering if I should ask him not to call her that to me???????

Okay, here are some cuties to help make you smile.
Our little neighbor girl.  I heard her crying over  balloon that she had just gotten that had burst.  Her 3 year old sister was trying to tell me all about it.  So, what's a good neighbor to do.  I made them all balloon dogs and put them by their door.  When I got online here was this picture thanking me on FaceBook. 
And here is our cutie pie little great nephew again.  His mom said this is what happens when your baby has man hair and takes a nap. This new face is when he isn't happy.  He does it when they sing to him.   I am a little worried that he isn't eating well enough.  Isn't he just precious.
My little bug is in the repair shop.  Now it really has a boo boo.  My son accidently backed into it.  He felt so bad.  Same son has a big birthday tomorrow.  How can my kids be this old. 
Thank you all again for coming to my rescue with great advice about the house and comforting words about my adopted son.  I'd probably be in therapy if it wasn't for you.  Thanks so much.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mixed emotions

I decided to do a little bit of fall decorating.  We had another Open House yesterday.  As usual we worked hard to make sure everything was in order.  We expected our realtor to be the one hosting.  But someone we didn't know showed up instead.  Now, I did remember him after awhile.  He was a pre-school dad when I was taking Annabelle to school a few years back.  Still a bit of surprise.  So we told him a couple of things then Hubby and I took off in our cars.  All of a sudden I noted that the only open house sign was on the sign in the yard.  Our house isn't off a main road and it's hard to find.  So I went back.  The realtor didn't have any signs, what, well I found one in our garage for him.  He took it to the entrance to our neighborhood.  There should have been one at the nearest cross roads.  Needless to say......AGAIN,  NO ONE SHOWED UP.  Last time it was the advertising.  This time that was still a bit of the problem.  I called them on Thursday as I didn't see a post about it.  Well, there computer was down because the church next door had some construction that ripped those darn computer wires right off of their building.  Hmmmm, don't they have computer access at home.  Then I see a post on FB that the realtor's wife is in Hawaii.....wonder if he is as well.  Yep, 100 days on the market and I have mixed emotions for sure.  We picked the good ole home boy to sell our house thinking he would have more time to market it.  Wrong, another listing mistake.  Well, no more open houses.  We are still under contract for 3 more months.  What to do, what to do??  Hubby thinks we make a major deduction and list at our bottom dollar.  That scares me a bit.  What if there is something that comes up in the home inspection.  What if someone puts in a lower offer.  Is the price the problem.  It is actually very low considering houses in our area are very expensive.  Ours is reasonable, large and in a great location.  Mixed emotions, for real.  So here are a few pictures of my fall decorating.
I decided that the blue mason jars with the pumpkins might be a good contrast for a change.

I have changed this already, somewhat.  I decided to leave the canvas of the grands from this summer.  It didn't come out quite the way I had expected.  There is way too much green going on.  But, it was only a random photo anyway.  I just like how everyone was doing their own thing. 
How is this for a hint......Seriously I didn't do this for the open house.  Just a joke. ( Cute little chalkboard tags were on clearance at Pottery Barn)
See these little things holding the candles in the jars.  I got those from my D├ęcor Steals gift certificate that I won.  I want to get some coffee beans and candy corn to put in the jars.  I like the look of them even plain.
I forgot one thing that I got at the Country Living Fair.
The cute little fence around the chair.  It's supposed to look like barbed wire.  it had a different hat on it that I switched out for the witches' hat.   The fence was  from the bird booth that I showed before.  It has two crows on it and a propped up shovel.  The other thing I bought last year at the fair from a fairy garden booth.  The chair, some leaves, the little bat hanging upside down on the fence.  I added the little water globe.  I thought it looked a bit magical.  I had to shove all the leaves inside.  Oh at the cute little back on the top outside.  It's from Dotty Red from across the pond.  Cute, isn't it.
Here is our little kitchen table all decked out with it's Halloween table cloth.  I got this on clearance several years ago from Pottery Barn Kids.  (The only way I can afford anything there)  That's Piper in the background.  Little Izzy has decided she wants to be a couch potato again.  For the first time in a couple of years she is jumping up on the sofa again.  Hope her potty problems don't happen there.
Another view of the cute tablecloth.  This and the cloche are the only Halloween things so far.
I have lots more to tell you but will wait til the next post.  I want to tell you about Mabel's school event.  Also my mind is all a jumble due to my adopted son finding his birth mom.  Not only did he find her he has been with her since Saturday evening.  Someone from her family came and got him (she lives an hour away).  But he has called for a pickup today.  Don't know how I feel about this.  She lives the life that we worked so long to protect him from.  Yes, he is an adult but still child like in decision making and reality. Yep, mixed emotions for sure.  So I will update you on them next post.  Have a great new week. I must go and undecorated the house before the little home
wrecker gets her.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Helping Josephine

I know, two posts in one day.  I couldn't include this with the other post.  It just didn't fit.  Our grands are all very blessed with everything they need.
These children are not so blessed.  They are bless with Miss Josephine.  Julia posted this Julia of  Of Petals and Wool  posted this on her blog.  It was from 2 Bags Full a blog by Vickie Bolster.  I tried to link to her and something isn't working.  If you will please click on Julia's blog for further information.  Just reading the list that Josephine gave Vickie makes you want to go shopping.  For these children not to have these things, it is sad.  You can help just by buying a gift card for $5 from Walmart.  So please help if you can.

Oh My Dear, Miss Mabel

I know most of the time I brag about my little grands.  This time is a little different.   Here is Little Miss Mabel at two years old.  We were all walking back to our cars after eating dinner while vacationing.  She is way behind the rest of us.  Her daddy tried to carry her.  Her words for just about everything were, " I CAN do it MYSELF."  We all thought she was so funny when she threw her little tantrums. 
Here is what happened when we got in our cars.  She was so mad because we put her younger cousin in the car seat to go back to our vacation house. 
her brother loos a little annoyed, hah.
Here is a picture of her at Clown Academy.  I never got around to showing you these before.  Lewie The Clown and Mabel met the year before and became friends.  He asked her to come to his clown show.
Now the story behind the post.  Little Miss Mabel has been getting in trouble at school.  She likes to socialize with the other little girls.  She has been moved at circle time from sitting with her friend.  BUT, when a sub was there this week, She and the little friend sat by each other.  Another kindy told on them.  Yesterday, she was in a little assembly and something fell on the floor.  It was her cell phone.  Now, she really doesn't have a cell phone.  Her Uncle B. gave her one that was an old one and not being used.  Well, you know you can't have cell phones at school, esp. when you are 5 and in kindergarten.  They go by a color behavior system.  It goes (I think) from red, orange, green, blue and purple.  Purple is an excellent day, and red is a "go to the principal's office" kind of day.  With that being said, she has been a purple most days but now she is down to orange this week.  I can't imagine how a principal would be able to handle talking to her.  I would not be able to keep from smiling or laughing.  I know, I am a softie and I should take this seriously, right.  Well, Miss Mabel's brother M. is so perfect at school.  So was her daddy.  We got called into conferences because he was an "over achiever,"  seriously.  Her parents expect good behavior.  We knew this one was going to be a corker from early on.  With a name like Mabel and such a cute little face, now how could you get mad at her. 
Well, tonight is a special reading meeting where the kids wear their jammies and bring their parents.  Mom has a class to teach and she told Mabel she couldn't go. Well Mabel said, "That's okay because Grammy will go."  So guess who is going.  She wants me to wear jammies.  Oh my, if I walk in and I am the only adult wearing jammies, oh my. (This is from a clown that wears a red nose and funny clothes) Just to note, her daddy has to take her brother to his football game.  He has been out of town for a couple of weeks,  so he does need to be there.
Hmmmmm, hoping I am not going to talked to by the teacher for my sweet granddaughter's behavior.  I asked her mom to please let me know if she had an orange day or worse a red day.
Grampy asked me what I would say to the teacher.  I said,  I would tell her, "Just give her some love." 
So wish me luck tonight.  Oh, and I might add.....Grampy said it is genetic from her mom, Grammy, and other grandmother.  Oh and her Aunt Heidi, too.  Maybe that's why, I think this is a tiny bit funny.

Oh a little side note, that last picture.....I was talked into taking them there for lunch when all they really wanted was the Frostie.  Yep, I got played.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Butterfly Light

Recently I was reading my friend's http://missednasplace.blogspot.com blog post.  She had received the Butterfly Light Award.  As I was reading her post I was thinking how deserving she was of this award of   those who bring light into the lives of others .  Little did I expect that she had nominated me for the same reward.  Not sure that I deserve this award,  but thank you Miss Edna.  She is the sweetest person.  I was in a Christmas swap with her.  She takes the most beautiful photos, mostly of nature and her cutest ever Yorkie rescue, Pogo.  Pogo has quite a wardrobe and gets to go on special trips with his Mama.  Miss Edna is such a caring person for her family and her house of "dwarfs".  She calls her renters "dwarfs".  At first I didn't know who she was referring to so I asked.  I thought maybe she was the real Snow White, hah.  Anyhooooo, thanks Miss Edna.
As with most things there are rules to this award.  Here are the conditions:

1.  Write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger that awarded you this award and thank them.  You may not add this award to a post with other awards.
2.   Individually name and reward a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9, 999,999 bloggers.  You must let them know personally with a comment on their blog or as a "pingback".  (I have no idea what that is)
3.   Link back to Brenda of http://idiotwriting.wordpress.com/  or her profile page for creating this unique and special award. 
4.   Write a short paragraph that is entitled, "How, I'm spreading light or how I am a positive influence.

First of all, I am one that doesn't follow rules well and I color outside the box. But here goes.

Thank you Brenda for creating this award.  So many negative things seem to be happening that this is a bright light for any one receiving such a honor.  Ok, I know I'm not running for office but I am still honored.
Thank you Sweet Edna for thinking of me for this award.
Now this is the hard part, how do I pick just a few.  So many of you brighten my day, day after day.  I really had to think about this.  Please don't feel bad if you weren't nominated, I still love you.

Nana Diana of http://thenanadiana.blogspot.com  is the first person I think of that spreads joy.  She is our prayer list leader.  She takes care of us when we need it.  Her blog always leaves you smiling.  It's fun to hear about  Sweet Cheeks and her husband.  She is always leaving such nice comments on many blogs. 

Susie at http://shejunks.blogspot.com  is also a blogger that takes time to leave caring comments.  She has a special relationship with her granddaughter Emma.  When Emma comes to visit they have a great time.  She also shares about her relationships with all of her sisters.  I wish I would have had just one sister.

Viv of Viv out on a whim truly shares the light with all her little pies.  Her pies are her grandchildren.  She is quite a colorful artist.  Her home and her way of decorating will brighten anyone's day.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting her.  She is as wonderful in person as she is on her blog.  And yes, she had pink hair.

Julia Of Petals and Wool is next on my list.  Oh my goodness, this lady is something else.  She helps run a dairy farm.  She helps deliver the calves, cleans the barns, is a gardener and feeds her farm hands.  She has some sweet grandchildren as well.  I honestly don't know how she does all she does.  You would think that her animals are her children.  She takes such good care of them.  When she has a break she does some beautiful hooked art work.  She is amazing.

I know this is getting long, sorry......

Laurie of  I love a Cloudy Day
         wow, what an artist.  She is loosing her eye sight from a terrible accident years ago.  She still paints beautiful things.  She is inspiring just to hear how she manages without seeing well.  She used to live in a nest in the sky but now in a condo surrounded by trees.  She shares her sweet granddaughter and what it is like to have a child with autism.  Her granddaughter is one smart little cookie.  Her blog posts are like reading a novel.  You'll know what I mean if you check out her blog.

Last but not least, is Penny of At home in English Valley She is a talented seamstress, loves her family, does volunteer work and has the sweetest granddaughter.  (hmmmm, I see a theme here)  Her granddaughter is named Penny after her. I have been in several swaps with Penny.  Her items are always a real treat.  Just one sweet lady for sure.

Now for my paragraph..........

My sweet followers,  know that I say it like it is.  I don't sugar coat things at all.  Sometimes my posts are sad.  Sometimes they are full of happiness.  When I started writing this blog I didn't intend for it to be so much about my family and my life.   And, my life isn't perfect for sure.  But, I value each and every moment that I have and believe in making memories.  I am thankful for all of the people that touch my life.  I am especially drawn to children and I always have been.  I am somewhat on their level, if you know what I mean. They are so innocent and say what is on their minds, for sure.  Hmmmm, kinda like me.  I believe that laughter is healing and that's why I clown.  Not just clown around, I clown.  So I hope somehow I spread a little light in your day as well.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Country Living Buys/ The world's largest eggplant

I love this table runner.  It has vintage trailers, banners and owls on it.  How cool is that, all my favorites.  I also like the fall colors.
This tiny little framed little doll just caught my eye while we were shopping in the Earth Angels tent.

I loved the carved letters out of books.  The M's were okay but not enough colors.  The first day I saw some words spelled out in a smaller version.  I passed the first day.  I was so glad that they were still there on my second day.  There were two words let.  H O M E and L O V E.  I settled for the home.  I picked up the first three letters and then all of a sudden there was no "e".  I just looked at it.  Well, someone right next to me had it in her hand.  I fought her to the ground, and I won.  Now, you know that is a story right?  I'm not leaving it on the runner, that's just for the picture.
This is a tiny dollhouse sofa out of wood.  The tag said it was a set of two.  But we couldn't find the second one.  This booth had lots of vintage finds.  There also was a red plastic sofa and chair for twice the price.  I didn't even like those.  The paint on this is perfect.  Remember my dollhouse shelf, that's where it will go.  Anxiously awaiting the mini swap items to arrive that Mary Bell is hosting.  Hoping to add to the others I have from Amy Power's swap.

Okay, I hope you are sitting down.   this is the biggest eggplant ever.  And, I grew it myself. I keep waiting on it to get bigger but it doesn't.  And how about those tomatoes.........yep, from my rusty wagon.  Next year we will use more soil.  That's it for now.  I'll be back soon. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Back Woods Fest (I know another adventure so soon)

I know,  I said I would show you what I bought at the Country Living Fair.  I will,  I promise.  Trust me I wasn't a big spender.
A good friend of mine went with me to the Back Woods Fest today.  I haven't been there for awhile.  They have all kinds of good old fashion food and lots of outdoor booths.  We didn't buy one thing.  It took 2 hours to get there by car.  It should have only been 30 minutes but traffic was so backed up.  I have never seen such a line.  We had to walk and walk to get in.  We walked the whole lot and just didn't see anything that we thought we should buy.  Lots of wooden Halloween things.  I mean lots.  No vintage like things like last week.  I saw a cute bear and owl out of wood that were for outside but I won't need those when we finally move.  (No offers but a couple of showings)  I saw the cute stone houses like the one I have.  I think it was the same person that I bought mine from.  I haven't been able to find them since.  Prices were reasonable.  I have seen similar for tons of money.  I did see these miniature paper houses that were on a chain as a charm.  Those were cute but I didn't price them.  When it came to eating,  good golly there were lines 50 people deep.  We went to one line that was almost empty  It was a "meatless"  stand.  After many questions about what they had,  I ordered something I thought was gluten free.  They had fried eggplant, salads in flour tortillas, every thing was dipped in batter.  I ordered sliced tomatoes and mozzarella.  So it comes out they were fried tomatoes with the cheese in between.  I don't even like tomatoes raw.  Oh my gosh it was delicious.  Like little sandwiches, we'll see if my belly survives.  I had the same problem last week.  The only thing I could have were the French fries.  I guess I will have to pack snacks the next time.  It's hard being gluten free.
I don't know why Dorothy and the Tin Man were there.  They looked a bit out of place.  But here are the pictures I took.  Except for the one of me.  My friend told me to stand by Dorothy to get a picture for my blog.  So, will I go back next year.  Nope.  Glad I went and had a great time just being with my friend.  But I guess I am just spoiled by the other events I go to.

Okay the tin man is okay, but Dorothy???/  She had red high heels on.  She's also very tall.
I told you it was crowded.
I think the last time I went here I bought one of these dolls.  They are so cute but not nearly as nice as the ones Pat C. of All is Bright makes. 
This was funny.  An umbrella with a tutu and witches legs hanging out.  Strange but different.

Here are the houses.  I can't remember what they call the stone/cement mixture  (hypertula, something like that) they make them with   Now these all had colors on the doors and I like them better without the colors.

A true artist at work.  There is old fashioned entertainment and some dress pioneer style.  I know some go just for the food and the entertainment.  I saw so many people with arm loads of the wooden scarecrows and other big outdoor items so I guess some really liked what they had.
For that long wait, we could have driven to the Springfield Vintage Market place, it's going on this week-end too.
But all in all, the company of my sweet friend was enough enjoyment for me.
Have a nice week-end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Country Living Fair/ Part Two

We liked how this was arranged.

The Happy Chair booth. I always love what she does to furniture. 

Marlene meets up with a fellow artist.

This Airstream was actually a both.  It had vintage clothing inside.  I liked the two metal doll houses on the ground.

This was Cari from "Cash and Cari".  The people are gathered around her booth watching them demonstrate their new paint line.

Lots of industrial letters were at the fair.
Chalkboard signs
Someone's ride to the fair.  I am think it was a vendor since it was parked the same place two days in a row. 
Check out this bunny coat hanger.  This lady (below) will custom make them for you.

Okay, that's about it for the Country Living Fair.  Next post, I will show you my little purchases.
Hope you are having a great week.
We had a showing this morning and on Saturday.  This morning my realtor called and said there was a message at his office that someone wanted to see our house in less than an hour.  I asked him to call and extend the time for two hours.  So I scurried to say the least.  I was done in one hour.  I didn't do anything to the floors like I would have if I had longer.  So the doggies and I took a long ride.  Sure hoping something happens one of these days.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Country Living Fair, Columbus, Ohio ----------Part One

We couldn't have had better weather for the fair this year.  It was sunny for the most part cool in the shade and warm in the sun.  I don't know who this little one is but she was having a good ole time.
Well, there was a few clouds.  They moved the "Sisters on the Fly" vintage trailers up front this year.  I went in two of them and of course they were adorable.  Sorry, those pictures were taken on the first day when my camera left it's memory card at home.  I went the first day alone.  It was crowded on Friday.  Sometimes hard to get in to see the booths.  Lots of moms and strollers and double strollers.  I stayed about four hours until I got tired and knew I had a long walk back to my car.  There is lots of walking but so much to see.
Look who I found on the second day.  It's Viv of Viv on a Whim.  I found out that she and her friends were coming and I asked if I could crash their party.  It was so much fun meeting her in person.  Amazing how you feel you know someone already when you have read each others blogs for 4 years.  I started to crop the picture but noticed her friends were in the picture.  (Kelly, Nurse H., Kelly's mom,  Marlene, and Jen and Jan were taking the pictures. They were so sweet to let me tag along and I enjoyed being with them all. 
This is Marlene from New Jersey, Viv's friend.  All these fellows were lining up to get their pictures taken with her.  She's so cute and a hoot.
This is Jan, Viv's daughter, Jen.  Can you tell?  This was one of the first booths.  They crafted hand carved birds. They had lots of people looking at their creations.  I bought something the first day that I will show you later.
Here are a couple more pictures from that booth.
This was on the top of their tent.  The birds were hanging on the ladder.  I wanted to get crop this closer but then you couldn't see all the birds.
The rest of the pictures today are from the "Earth Angels".  They have one big tent with all their artists.  My oh my.......savings my pennies for next year.  I couldn't get over the cuteness under this tent......esp. the bears.
This was a huge painting.  It was whimsy and beautiful.
Viv, met up with her artist friend.  (Valerie Weberpal)  This cutie made incredible skirts, jumpers  and vests made out of boiled wool.  She said she sold out of her skirts the first day.  She also made the cutest critters.  Viv got a pumpkin doll and Marlene got an elephant.
Okay, on with the bears.
Thump thump, goes my heart.
Some other critters by Lettie, of Lettie's Bears.  When I was taking pictures I told her they were for my blog.  She said as long as I wasn't going to reproduce them.  Are you kidding, no way could I.
Look at those eyes.

I think I was taking this picture of the tag.  Lettie writes a cute little story on her bears' tags.

My favorite of all.  I actually have a found bear puppet in a dark brown that I think is Steiff.  It is mohair like this one.  Mine has been washed a few times and it still looks perfect.  Love the color and the hat on Letties.  I think my bear needs a friend, don't you?
Check out this truck.  Swoooooonnning.  Look closely and see the bear and the trees, and the doggie.  I didn't even see him til after I took the picture.  He looks just like my Piper.
This bear in the frame has
a little page that says Dec. 25.
These bears were in empty clock faces.
Oh Dear, this is too cute.

This house was from another artist under the tent.  Love how these are displayed.  I was taking the picture against the light but I like that you can see through.
A close up of one of the groups.
Okay, that's it for today.  Next post more pictures of artist wares.  Even if you don't buy one of everything, it is so fun just looking at everything.  Oh, I did buy a couple of things.......later.