Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy trails to you BloggerImage BloggerImageMy fall view from my porch BloggerImageIt's a two dog lap kinda day.  Brrrrrr BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageI have been organizing my doll room.  I have been busy adding to my Etsy shop ( grammypetals).  Most of these are keepers. I am realizing I have a big inventory not even counting these.  Trust me , my collection is very tiny compared to the other doll club members.  Did I mention they voted me in as secretary.  We have doll auctions this week.  I going but will be sitting on my hands.
Tonight is Trick or Treat at the mall.  Since my church is The Church in the Mall I will be handing out popcorn and cotton candy.
Oh this is my laundryman. He picked out the new washer and dryer and has been on fire since.  No complaints here.
So happy trails to you...........

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pumpkin patch

BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageI love going to the pumpkin patch. They get more elaborate every year. We used to have two great choices close by.  One closed last year. That's a little sad.  M and M have had a little fall break. We were happy to spend time with them.
We have also been spending time with this little one as well.BloggerImageShe is gaining weight more than height.  She is so happy when she finishes her bottle and before she falls asleep.  Such a sweet baby.  I wish things were easier for her little family. Seems like there is always turmoil.  They are looking for a new home at the moment.
I have been to a couple of flea markets lately and a few coming up.  It's so much easier when it isn't so hot outside.  We are still having above average temps but cooler evenings.  The leaves are turning.

I am trying to organize my dolls.  After our last doll club meeting I think several of us are afraid of become hoarders.  I have a small collection compared to others. But I don't want my dolls to takeover.  I moved several things around and out of the room.  It still looks the same.  Any one want to share about their collections or offer advice.

I hope you are enjoying fall in your neck of the woods.  Such a beautiful time of the year.

Monday, October 17, 2016