Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heart Day for sure

BloggerImagei know this isn't a good picture but it's US and how we celebrated our Valentines.
I spent three hours getting tests on my heart and another hour checking my brain.  And Hubby sat waiting for me patiently.  Well almost, he got worried when I was gone for three hours and not two.  And the good news is both are fine.  When I returned from the horrific brain scan I was a mess.  He took my socks off and rubbed my legs with lotion.  The nurse said, "You guys are so cute." My son told his dad that he was a good husband and that he is.  
The week before he surprised me .  We went for lunch and on the way to the movie he said he wanted me to look for a heart shaped diamond. I had a beautiful one once.  My challenged son had taken it and gave it to a girl that was also challenged.  But we didn't know that for 15 years.  I looked and looked for that ring.  We thought I had lost it or it was taken.  So this was my surprise.  The lady at the jewelry store tried to talk me into a band as well .  I think she said, "Wow you like things plain." Hah, yep that's me.  It's beautiful with my band.
No need to worry .  I just had several symptoms that together combined with my family history caused concern for a two night stay in the hospital and a bunch of tests.  Still no answers but with a good heart and a good brain, I can't complain. I'm to see a neurologist and another test was recommended.  I don't think I can handle any more tests for awhile.
The hospital ER and rooms were full. So many are sick with the flu. In the cardiac wing the patients we saw were struggling.  Hubby and I both said we wanted to get back to the pool and do better with our diets.  
So I'll just stop there for now.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Monday, February 6, 2017

Our little peanut is 6 months.

Our little Jubilee is six months now. BloggerImageShe is a wiggle worm.  It's hard to get a good picture. Grampy is under the blanket. I covered him up.  
Please say a little prayer for our baby. I don't want to go into detail here.  She needs some tests to make sure she is okay. Her challenged parents cancelled the tests . 
She is so sweet.  Smiles all the time.  She found out her feet work.  Our pup was scared of her feet.  He soon found out she wasn't going anywhere and gave her another couple licks.
If you think you worry about your children. It's even harder when they have babies.
Hugs to all.