Sunday, May 30, 2010

A special thanks to all that have and will serve our Country and their families.

I wonder why people say "Happy Memorial Day."  I believe it is more of a day of thanks than of celebration.  Those families that have lost their loved ones don't feel like celebrating.  I know when our son was serving in the Middle East for two years, our lives felt like they were on hold.  While we were so proud of him we were so fearful. 
One day we were eating out.  A group of National Guard members were in the same restaurant .  My husband told the waitress that he wanted to pick up their tab.  She came back to our table and said she was sorry someone else had already asked to do the same BUT the restaurant wanted to pick up our tab.  My husband began to cry.  I explained to the waitress about our son being overseas.  Our son returned safely.  He continues to protect our Country in a different way now.  My heart goes out to those that their loved ones didn't return.  I pray that we will be able to bring our sons and daughters home in the near future.
Again.......Thank You!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ye Olde Mill

Today the I took the Littles to the Velvet Ice Cream Ice Cream Mill.   Wonderful ice cream.......not sure if it is sold outside of Ohio.  First Goose and C. had to play on the gym set......It was 90 here today.  We could have done this in the back yard.  Next I did get them to pose for pictures. Then inside for ice cream.  Can you believe that I didn't take a picture of that.  Both Littles had to potty.  I told them that the potty was outside.  Not a porta potty but in a separate building.  Goose said, "Do I have to squat."  LOL  Then back inside to the museum part and gift shop.  Don't you love the tea towel.  There was a goose sitting on her eggs.  She had a bunch of them.  (Ooops, I lost some pictures)  It was a fun day abut I think the kids liked the gym set the best.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funny Animal/Reptile Stories

I read a post from Joy that talked about a missing turtle in her neighborhood.  It made me think of the turtle I saw last year.  That story also reminded me of some of the strange things I see that no one else has seen.  I get crazy looks when I tell these stories and for that reason I sometimes keep my stories to myself.  Please believe me........these are true stories.
Flagged Turtle:  I was driving my car and saw something very low to the ground with a orange flag on it.  I stopped and waiting.  Here came a turtle with a orange flag duct taped to it's shell.  The flag was elevated with a wire. Oh, I wished I would have had a camera with me.  He just strolled down the road.  I have never heard anyone else mention seeing this.  I thought there might be a story somewhere about him but nothing. 
Boxer Doggie:  I was driving (again) and stopped by a playground to say hello to a couple little girls that I had in my Latch Key School Program.  I had my window down and out of no where,  a standard size Boxer jumped in my car, over my lap and parked himself in the back seat.  I AM NOT KIDDING YOU.  I need to mention I drive a VW Bug.  He wouldn't get out.  He was panting and I wasn't sure what to do.  I decided to drive to the police station.  Now, mind you, this is a small town.  100 people counting cats and dogs.  As I pulled away, the little girls said, " You aren't going to drive away with that dog are you?"  Well, yeah, if he isn't getting out.  To the police station.........wouldn't you know that they were having a town meeting.  Doors locked, all men.  I knocked and they stared.  Took them awhile to decide to come to the door.  Maybe I looked dangerous.  I explained the situation and they gave me that "crazy" look.  They asked if the dog had tags.  I said it did but I wasn't sticking my hand back there to get them.  So being the brave policeman, he removed the dogs collar.  Dog still didn't move and to the policeman's relief he didn't try to get out of the car.  I told the policeman that I had to go home as my son had a practice I needed to get him to.  I returned home.  My husband said the police had called.  He looked like "what have you gotten yourself into, and we aren't keeping the dog you picked up."  To this day, I don't think he believes that dog jumped into my window.  Okay, I call the police and they have it's owner from calling the vet from the tags.  I take my son to his practice, dog in tow.  I then meet the dogs owner at a gas station.  Would you believe, the dog had to be coaxed out of my car.  The owner said the dog had been in their yard with them and they turned around and he was gone.  A storm was brewing and he must have been frightened.  (Enough to run three miles from home and into my car window.)  Wipe that "crazy" smile off your face.

Just a couple other quickies.......I was one of 5 that saw the bobcat/lion mystery cat in all of 3 counties.  One thank heavens, was a police woman.
We had a deer in our neighbor hood that was spotted like a painted pony.  I got a picture of that one.  Probably a pigment problem????
I saw a white groundhog and a white squirrel.  Someone else saw the squirrel as well.
I thought we call all use some laughs today.  I am serious these stories are true.  I am sure my little brain will retrieve more stories soon.  Have a great day.

Peaceful once again

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clouds are parting and some good news

Yeah, my DIL is coming home from the "hostable" (quote from Goose).  Finally ruled out MRSA , cellulitis instead.  Hubby said she isn't even chubby.  Sorry, honey but that's a totally different thing.  Why do some things have such similar names.  It's like the cancer I had was liposarcomas.... nothing like a lipoma.  Geez, our English language is confusing.
Humpty Dumpty, son with the head injury, is grumpy big time.  Hubby is going to check on him today.  I decided that was a perfect name for him.  He has cracked his head way too many times.  Luckily all the kings horses and men have fixed him up for the most part.
The girls got to go to the "hostable" to see their Mama, they love her so much, but Daddy said it wasn't the greatest of ideas. My clown friend and my best friend, same person, works at the ER.  She is their adopted Grammy and they got to go visit her.  (Her clown name is Holly Bell)   Daddy and the girls slept at their house last night.  Grammy and Grampy went to the steakhouse for a dinner out.  I was exhausted last night.  Turned on the A/C for the first time and SLEPT.
Okay, my spell check is not my friend today....sorry, I am probably not making sense anyway. Thanks everyone for your prayers, kind thoughts and wishes.

Our village is mourning the loss of  Auston.  There was a huge number 32 painted on the field at the high school.  Also a sign on the fence.  I have to drive past the site of the accident every day.  My son asked if I wanted to go to calling hours.  I have decided I just want to remember Auston as my favorite toddler.  I am gathering pictures of him that I had saved and will make a little book for his Mama.  Please remind your young drivers to wear their seat belts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cloudy and Sunshine

The clouds are still hanging over our family but the sun is shining.  I am feeling better so that helps.  I need to be better to handle the rest of the happenings here. 
The second CAT scan on my son was relatively okay.  They are calling the injury a closed wound head trauma/concussion.  Doctor said it will take time to heal and he will experience these symptoms for quite awhile.  I am concerned that this trauma on top of lots of other older head traumas will once again trigger his seizure disorder.  We just need to take one day at a time, I guess, for now.
My sweet DIL has been admitted to the hospital.  They are still saying MRSA and so far antibiotics aren't working.  We are waiting on the tests taken last night to come back.  An ultrasound is next and possible surgery.  I have the girls (4 and 7) but they are always here so they are unaware that anything is different.  When school is out for K.Bug we will explain things.  Maybe by then we will know more.  I am trying hard not to worry.  I do feel positive at the moment.  Not sure why, maybe God is giving me this peace so that I can carry on.  I only have my little Goose for most of the day.  I already got her donuts.....we may just do some fun things today. 
The one picture is of Goose and Grampy last night playing a princess game.  He kept arguing with her about the rules (wooles).  Geez, like two four year olds.  They are always dressing him up as a Princess.
Another VERY sad thing happened yesterday.  Just after my husband left early in the morning to take our son to ER, I heard sirens.  Very close sirens.  I almost hopped in the car as I thought it could be my Hubby.  Later that day my other son, father of Goose, walked up to me with this horrible look.  Don't know how to explain it, just the look that something terrible is wrong.  He informed me that my favorite toddler when I taught at Montessori had died in a car accident.  I am not just saying he was my favorite, everyone that knows me knows that he was.  He was attached to me as well.  He would cry when I left the room.  Anyway, those sirens were for him.  The cause of the accident is unknown, I would guess he swerved for a deer, and the time it happened is also unknown.  He was ejected and not found for awhile.  That really makes me sad.  He was driving a 1980 Mercedes........probably not wearing a seat belt, I don't know.  My son that told me about the accident, also taught him in Middle School.  Such a short life, he was 17. 
So, I must put on the happy face and carry on.  I will update when I know more.  Thanks for listening my dear BLOG friends.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I don't even know where to start

Little Izabella checks out Goose's ToTo.  Don't worry baby, you aren't being replaced.
I posted this picture as it reminds me of Brenda's Cozy Little House. She has adorables just like my Izzy.  On Friday Brenda features new blogs on her Welcome Wagon.  She featured me.  Little ole me. (Well, I'm not really so little, am I)  She is a dear.  I love her home and gardens and they are COZY.  You all know how I like that word.  Brenda has talent when it comes to the written word.  She is very honest with her feelings.  Just a very sweet person.
Okay, that was the good news.
I am recovering from the auto accident.  I still ache but doing okay.  I am hoping that my friend's headaches go away.
Friday my son ended up in ER with a head injury.  They did a CAT scan and sent him home.  He isn't doing well and is actually at the ER having another scan as I write.  My sweet Hubby is with him and I sit here ready and waiting to head to the hospital if needed.
Our Dear DIL (from another son) is waiting out 48 hours of being on anitibiotics before the next step to diagnosis MRSA or some reaction to an insect bite.  Meanwhile she isn't getting better.  48 hours will be up this afternoon and I will head to their house to watch the girls when they return to the hospital......that is, I think I will be.
Things like this happen alot in our waves.  Four years ago in a 3 day span my other son was hospitalized with kidney failure (he's fine now),  and another son and his wife had their first baby and I had another car accident and that time I had significant injuries.  (This was also in the month of May)
I'm ready for this cloud to move on.  I will be back and keep you informed.  Thanks so much for listening and let me vent.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Yesterday in a FLASH

My friend and I went on an adventure. The friend was at the wheel  This happened before the fun started.  Then the fireman and the police came (not the little cute one) and then the friends husband came to rescue us.  The car was towed but we are saying our prayers today as we are for the most part we are okay.  Sore, yes.  Headaches, yes.  I'm not shaking anymore - that's a good thing.  The sound of two vehicles colliding is scary.  The car being tossed around and struck again is confusing.  But we were very lucky.  Oh did I mention we got hit by a Mack not really but it WAS a AT&T bucket truck.  The driver said he had both feet on the brakes to get it stopped.  Oh well, we'll go on another adventure when we mend.  And yes, we are still friends and a bit closer now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Make-up Days

Last week Hoda and Kathy Lee went without make-up on their Today Morning Show.  You could tell how uncomfortable they were, esp. Kathy Lee.  They actually didn't look all that different.  The two stars I think look SO different without make-up are Oprah and Katie Couric. 
I personally hardly ever wear make-up.  I probably need to.  I have always had dark circles and now with wrinkles and age spots,  I should.  Since I work with kids almost every day, my wardrobe is simple, washable and not very exciting.  I love to be comfortable.  Maybe if I had a skinny body it would be different.  Nope, I probably wouldn't change a thing.
There are some days when I do wear make-up and dress in bright colors.  People look at me and laugh.  But, really it doesn't make me feel bad. (Check out the picture below)
Have a HAPPY day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Swap picture (The other got cut off)

My Spring Supply Swap Goodies

I recently participated in a Spring Supply Swap organized by The Shabby Chic Cottage.  My partner in the swap was Beverly @Flamingo Toes.  I was afraid she would not be too excited with a Grammy.  She sews beautiful things and I don't sew at all. ( My mother used to sew for Airstream trailers and had no patience to teach me to sew or cook.)  I love to scrapbook. So we chatted by emails a few times and started to gather treasures for each other.  Here are my goodies from Beverly.
Here are some of the fun things she sent me:  some crocheted flowers, etc. from Ikea, information about the town of Carlsbad where she lives, ribbon (lots of did she know my ribbon supply was dwindling?), beautiful material (I think I will have someone sew into pillows that I really need/want), Yummy strawberry jam made in Carlsbad, stickers, alphabet letters and a beautiful print on a card that can be framed.  I am so excited with my items.  I will have fun making things and remembering the new friend I have made from this swap.  Stop over and visit Beverly blog.
I can't wait to have more followers so I can organize something like this.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy End of the Week

They recently remodeled this Garden Center.  It is huge and really nice.  Not too easy pushing two little girls and two big bags of potting soil.  Not sure what K. Bug was doing here.  If you wondering, I try not to make the pictures of these two very good on purpose.  Fairy Gardens they had were so magical..  Oh, my gosh the price tags were something.  The container gardens and the single houses/barns were from $100 - $250.  They looked like they were made of cement and tiny stones and the cutest things evah.  I wanted one so bad but would never pay that.  The container ones were less than one foot as were the house/barns.
Then we went for Happy Meals and back home for Grampy and Piper.  Izzy had to stay home due to her infections.  We took Piper to the dog park for the first time ever.  He loved it.  Then to Knuckleheads for ice cream and we are chilling now.  The girls parents come home tomorrow from a long week-end to Arizona.
Oh,  Dorothy and Toto went with us to the dog park.  That's alot for one day....Grampy and Grammy are a little tired.  I hope you have all had a fun week-end. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poor little Izzy

Izzy has an ear infection and a boo boo on her behinder. I won't get into details but it has to hurt.  We went to the vet and Izzy wasn't happy.  I have to give her antibiotics and ointment treatments.  She loves that as well.
Speaking of antibiotics.......I have been on them  six times in the past six months.  I know, not good.  Pneumonia, stupid tooth extraction (still not healed from 5 weeks ago and four visits to the dentist), then last week a serious infection.  I am so ready to be well.  I am trying.  The problem is that I continue to do everything I always do whether I feel like it or not. Like take care of the Littles.  Mothers can certainly understand, right.  I have been trying to sneak a little nap somewhere near the end of the day.  I did that on Monday.  The last little left at 5:30.  I was to meet my family at Goose's soccer match at 6:30.  Well.......I fell asleep for a "short" while then got up and started to drive to the match.  Delila (sure that isn't spelled correctly) was on the radio.  It starts here at 7:00 p.m.  I got to the match as it ended.  As I walked across the field.  Goose came running up to me all smiles and hugs.  My son and my husband looked a little worried about where I had been.  Then they laughed.  We went to Whitts for ice cream (actually custard, the best ever)and all was well.  So as the saying goes, "On with the show."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

There is no other closeness in human life like the closeness between a mother and her baby....they are just a few heartbeats away from being the same person.    susan cheever

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A bug problem

Do you follow " The Heart of June Bug"  ?  What a cute blog.  Check out her grandchildren....follow to the end of her blog and see the last picture of her grandbabies.  I don't know how to make list her blog so you can go there....I tried.
Okay, June listed a problem with a green colored bug in her tulips.  She didn't know what kind it was.  I don't either (hah) but I have the very same bug.  Mine has a harder shell on the top of it.  I don't have tulips though.  Sorry, June I couldn't resist.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Girl Story

When I was a little girl........2 and a Mother bought me some new panties.  Actually 7 pairs of panties.  They each had a day of the week printed on them.  So cool, I know.  Well I put them on.  Them meaning every single one of them....7.  One on top of another.......I had nothing else on but those 7 pair of panties.  I then decided to walk (alone) down the street to the grain elevator.  That was probably two football fields in length including crossing the rail road track.  I lived out in the boonies but near a teeny town.  This road was somewhat busy.  Now I doubt my mother had ever taken me there.  Not her kind of place as she is still pretty prissy.  All the farmers hung out there.  Nice old men.  They sat in the office and drank coke from a bottles and only a nickel.  Can you imagine when little ole me walked in with my just my "days of the weeks" on.  Someone called my mother and asked her if she was missing someone.  She came to get she was embarased.
Are you wondering why she didn't know where I was........yeah, me too.  When I was little I was always playing alone and did some really silly things.  We watch our kids so closely these days.  It's a wonder all of us "back in the old days" girls ever made it to be Grammies.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Raining week- end and An American Leg

Lots of rain but nothing compared to our neighbors South of us.  Hoping things get better in those flooded areas.
I celebrated National Scrapbook Day at Archivers all day yesterday.  SO good to finally get out of the house for a day of scrapping.  I spent way too much money.  I am exhausted today.  Still trying to get that tooth extraction healed.
Today we took K. Bug and Goose to see "How to train a dragon".  A little scary for both.  Goose crawled up in my lap and took a nap.  K. Bug ended up on Grampy's lap during the "nest" scene.  K. Bug had $10 in her pocket to buy those crazy shape bracelets.  Well she lost it.  Grampy was still going to get the girls some but they were sold out.  One place had a three page waiting list.  Are you kidding me?  Yesterday the girls went to see the local school production of Oz.  So they had a fun, rainy week-end.
Do you believe in "signs".  I had three of those in the past 24 hours so wanted to tell this story.  The star of  the movie we saw today had an artifical leg.  A man walked into Archivers with shorts on and an artificial leg.  It's so amazing to me how well people can walk in these.   They walk better than I do.  And God Bless them, they should.
Okay, here we go.  My daughter and son C. were in Leadville, Colorado having lunch.  C. was 7, maybe, but more like 4.  A guy walked in with shorts on and a wooden leg.  It was painted red, white and blue with stars on it.  C. stares.  Have you ever had that feeling that something very embarrassing is about to happen?  We got C.'s attention and tried to explain.  He was silent for awhile and then it happened.  Rather loudly he says, "Well, at least it's an American leg."  Have you ever know that you should never laugh at something but you totally loose it anyway.  I don't know if the man heard us.  I still think of how funny that was.  I told my daughter that the man had to want people to notice with the way it was painted.  God Bless him as well.
I'll see you back on here tomorrow.   ((((HUGS)))