Saturday, November 30, 2013

So thankful for my family

This was the children's table at our celebration. 
And here are the adults. (Picture taken by our oldest granddaughter)   We were missing the rest of our family.  It is so nice to have our one son and his family for Thanksgiving this year.  When they lived out West they didn't come home at Thanksgiving. 
Now, can you guess what this is a picture of.  I was standing there looking at this and it took me a little time to figure out what it was.  Now blown up it is easier.  It's Goose sitting on her feet while she is eating dinner.
Funny, isn't it.
Our Thanksgiving was simple but nice.  On Friday we went to see our Mom's
While you are saying prayers for Nana Diana's cute little grandson that is so sick, can you PLEASE pray for my grandson.  He was visiting other relatives in New York.  He first got sick there but got better.  They flew home to Colorado on Thanksgiving Day.  He got really ill on the flight and all night long.  The next day (yesterday) and was admitted to Children's with pneumonia.  His oxygen levels were in the 70's and he was really struggling.  The doctor said that if he hadn't had a flu would have been much worse.  He is doing better but on oxygen.  If he gets to come home he will also be on oxygen when he does.  The altitude there doesn't help matters.  So say a little prayer for him.  Actually my daughter, son in law, and granddaughter are all under the weather.  It must be the same virus.  We are hoping and praying that my SIL's parents do not get this.  They are in their 80's. 
So that's our Thanksgiving.    P.S.  If you want to read my preaching about flu shots read on.

When my grandson's doctor said his pneumonia would have been a lot worse had he not had his flu shot, brought back memories.  Most of you will remember that my cousin died almost three years ago to H1N1.  It was an terrible death.  When she got sick,   It started out as pneumonia.  Her lungs continued to get worse.   She was strong but the lungs wouldn't rebound. 
My message to you is.....please get your flu shots.  Yes, there can be complications but most can be reversed....  If you feel like you have pneumonia, get to the doctor.  Please do not let your family go through what our family had to endure.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my little corner of the world.  I hope you all have a blessed holiday season.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Praying for all of  you that are facing struggles right now.  (This is an actual picture of the downtown in our village)

Sunday, November 24, 2013


It sure is cold.  There were flurries yesterday but no accumulation.  There are only 30 days til Christmas, just in case you didn't know.  I want to be able to enjoy my decorations for Christmas more than just 3 weeks, so I started today.  I also found out that my Mom will have to have another back surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving.  That is always the busiest week of the holidays for me, for some reason.  So the decorations are going up. 
Hubby brought my sweet bear tree upstairs for me.  I went to Canal Winchester yesterday and found the neatest lights.  They falsh, blink or just stay lit.  When they blink slowly they look like little stars.  So the tree is lit but more decorations to come.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS......This is a teeny tiny glass mason jar.  It has a little rubber stopper on the top that you can insert a light from your Christmas tree strand.  You could do a whole strand of these if you wished.  I was going to do that, and I really wanted to but the jars were $3.50 a piece.  How cute is this.  I have never seen them before.  I also went to Polly's darling cozy shop, Georgie Emerson, and bought this garland.
Isn't this sweet.  There are rusty jingle bells on a burlap ribbon.  I asked Polly if she sewed each one on.....she rolled her eyes at me, hah.  I may or may not add lights to it. 
When I got home yesterday this huge box was outside.  I knew it was coming.  I won this beautiful bust like Santos.  She was hard to photograph.   She wouldn't smile or open her eyes.  She's really big.  I love her.  I have wanted something Santos lie for a long time.  I even signed up to take a course to make one.  There was also a magazine and homemade Christmas tags in the box.  What a nice win .   Thank you so much Sharon.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Owl Swap/Thanks/ Prayers for a friend

I have been waiting to post the owl swap pictures until everyone got them.  Everyone else has posted the pictures except our Norway swapper.  She may have gotten the owls or will soon.  First is the owl that I made.  This was second attempt.  The first one came out really scary so I scrapped it.
Little owlets ready to be mailed. 
This sweet hand sewn owl cutie is from Holly from Cotton Pickin Fun.  She joined the swap at the last minute when two others had to drop out.  Isn't this owl adorable.
This cutie was sent all the way from Norway.  It is sweet owl in a match box.......this lucky guy has his own blanket and pillow.
This hand sewn owlet was made by Genie from Buttons by Baga.  She always does such a good job.  I never have to twist her arm to join a swap. 
Last by not least is this cute little ornament by Judy of 20 North Ora.  If you follow or know Judy, you know that she is one creative person.  This will be on my tree this year.  Judy's family could use some prayers right now. 
Thank you all for participating in the owl swap.  This was a lot of fun.  All ideas were so different.  I love swaps like this.

Thank you Bloggy Friends for all your sweet comments this week.  I didn't intend to post so much about our kitty.  I just started and it came out.  Kinda like how I post anything.  Not a lot of thought, just words that come out.
We need some big prayers for a co-worker of my husbands.  Her name is Deb.  She is having tests in the hospital.  She is such a hard worker and sweet person.  She has seen an oncologist and may start chemo next week.   I know you bloggers can do amazing please send some prayers her way.
HUGS to all of you.  It is heartwarming knowing how much you care.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why does saying good-bye have to hurt so much

Good bye my sweet Kiki (aka Clarisse) .  You were my wild little one.  You were born to a Ferrel mama and rescued by a vet.   That vet brought her to me saying that you needed someone to give you a lot of love.  You didn't like to be held .  You would hide from everyone else by me and Mr. Cozy.  Sometimes you were funny.  You would come out of hiding to eat crackers with me.  I knew that you were really sick when you started having all those accidents.  I knew you were loosing weight.  I was still surprised that you only weighed 8 pounds last night.  I hope that you will forgive me for capturing in that quilt and tucking you in the basket.  I think you liked it later.  You were funny, you poked your head out and then went back inside the quilt  You slept in the basket while the doctor checked you out.  She said you were terminal and would only last a couple of months with treatment.  I knew you were hurting so I couldn't let that keep happening.  Please forgive me for what was next to come.  I rubbed you and told you that I loved you and then went to walk out the door.  I came back because I wanted to see those fabulous green eyes of yours.  They don't show up in the pictures.  You weren't the prettiest of cats but those eyes were wonderful.  You looked up at me one last time and I left the room.  The vet said it would all happen right away.  So so sorry, you are already missed.  12 years of having you around, it will take awhile to get used to you that.  Goodbye little kitty, xo.

Friday, November 15, 2013

What season is this?

Hello my friends.  I was doing pretty good last week posting more has now been almost a week.  No I haven't run out of things to talk about.  That would never happen to me.  I am adapting to a busier schedule and my migraines have returned. Several days in a row now, but the meds cut the pain to about 50% and that's good.  Talking, trying to explain something, vision, and my energy level , are all things that are affected.  I am supposed to be having blood work done but I can't find a lab close to me that send their draws to Quest.  Insurance is such a pain in the behinder.  Okay, on with the post.  My next post was going to be about these:
But then this happened.......snow.......and you know how I love snow.  I want to put up my Christmas decorations, oh yes I do.
My Sweet Hubby cleared my windows for me and left me a snow scraper on my door handle.  It also has been really cold.....20's but warmer up a little. 
Along with cold weather we get blessed with the buzzards again.  They are concentrating on our neighbors in the background of this picture.  That's a first, but a good thing as maybe we can get together and get rid of them.
Trust me, this isn't too bad.  There are times we can't even see out our windows.
This little one is who I am spending most of my time these days.  She keeps me busy.  She had me do a 3D puzzle this week.  One that changes scenes when you turn it slightly.  Well I had already had a headache but it brought on the migraines.  She beats me at concentration every time.  We have been reading lots of books.  She also wants me to do math flash cards with her....she is 4 and the cards are her brothers.  She is pretty good at math already. 
And here is Baby O thinking about escaping.  She is almost walking.  She is so much fun when she cuddles.  She is non-stop go.  What a handful.  I will be having her a lot this month as her mama is working out her 2 weeks notice plus starting her new job.  14 days in a row for her Mama to work. now.   Then in December Baby O. and her big brother will be going to a day care.  Since her mama will be working days this will be less confusing to them all.  I am okay with it.  I will still see her.  I know this will be so much better for them all.  Not that I want her to go to day care.......I don't but I will be close by for emergencies and when I want my Baby O fix.
I need to update my thankful things.  I don't know where I left off.  I think at 5.  Remember random and no order.
6.    Dropping off my grandson at CrossFit and seeing 8 of us with the last name the same all in one random place.  SWEET.  My son walked in and said "Wow, there sure is a lot of Messners in here."
7.  The owl swap.......some really cute critters making their way to the swappers right now.
8.  Being able to keep in touch with all my friends that have moved SOUTH.
9.  Living in a beautiful area with hills, changing leaves and beautiful snowfalls.
10.  Medicine that is helping my Yorkie control her bladder better.  Now I need some for my aging cat.  She isn't doing well.
11.  When you sweet readers leave me kind messages.  Thanks for all the comments on my simple cozy home.  They sure made me feel good.
12.   Winning a giveaway that I will post about soon.  I used to win so many but not anymore.  I don't like the helicopter was to register.  I know that's not the name.
13.  Our veterans.  We have had many in our son, husband, brother, fathers and grandfathers. 
14.  Thankful that we have ships like the U.S. George Washington that can help out in the disaster of  the horrible storm in the Philippines   They are able to make water for those that survived.  I think that is amazing.  My friend's son is on this ship.  God Bless those poor people that had to go through this.
15. ( I think this should catch me up. )  A warm home.
Sorry this is getting long........we could use a few prayers this week.
Our youngest son - 27 - has an enlarged heart and will be seeing a specialist.
Our oldest granddaughter- 10 - can't seem to get well.  She wakes up with her face swollen, miserable sinus issues and so tired all the time.  Her Dad, a teacher at her school, has her miss recess and lunch to bring her home for a nap during the day.  She had started her 3rd round of antibiotics and still had to go to the doctor yesterday.
My Mom hurt her back.  She had x-rays yesterday.  She is not patient at all.  I explained that my back took 3 weeks to heal.  Hoping it isn't serious.
We have a blogging friend that needs a lot of prayers......Judy.
Okay, I will leave you with all of this......(((((HUGS)))) to all of you.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Open House

Today was my Origami Owl Open House.  Since my house was spruced ( hah, hah, I live on Spruce Dr.) up I thought I would give you a tour.

This is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs.  (Bi Level)
And then you walk into the living room.  This is the area of our home that we basically live in.  The brown chair, a favorite of the grands and us. The white couch our new purchase this summer and so were the floors.  The first piece of furniture was a repurposed piece that we found from the same place the couch came from......two stores later.  Small wooden bench at the top of the steps, another find.  The cabinet the TV is on was purchased at the auction that was held at our home before we moved in.  It was covered in white paint.  I stripped it with that awful stripping solution minus gloves, oh my.  To the right is a small rocking chair that was our first piece of Furniture so we could rock our first baby.  Oh, and the bouncer chair is for Oliva.  Too heavy to move out of the way. I would love to have a nice rug in here, but my Yorkie would potty on it.
My kitchen.  I bought the new hardware from Restoration Hardware.  To paint these cupboards would be way too overwhelming for me.  The ice box was a Christmas gift from my husband 30 some year ago.  I had a broken leg and couldn't go downstairs.  He had it down there for a couple weeks and I didn't even know it.  The little table I found at an antique mall.  I purchased it on the chance that it would fit in my VW bug and it did.  The wall paper has been there for a really long time.  It was a French country pattern and I still love it.
Sorry, the order is a bit mixed.  I also don't edit my photos.....I know I am bad.  I painted the little sofa table in my favorite ASCP Duck Blue.  My DIL doesn't like this table here but I do.  The fall banner was from a fall swap last year.
Ooops blurry.  My old camera collection.  McCoy pieces and some other little pitchers.  To the left a little shelf that belonged to my MIL that I repainted. My little globes and an owl reside here.  The samplers are from my grandmother.  On top of the microwave are 3 sets of Disney salt and pepper shakers.  One is the cruise line edition.
The dining room.  I would love to have a farm table here if my husband would let me sell this set.  The china cabinet is my grandmothers.  I painted the inside of it because it is so dark.  I am really thinking of painting the utside white.  The other armoire was from our cottage.  I love this piece just the way it is.  It's great for storage as well.  The table is set up with my Origami Owl things.  I hung the necklaces from the light. (dog toys in the corner.....and the little rocking chair in the other corner was Mr. Cozy's.)  On the china cabinet is a banner of match boxes covered in Mary Engelbreit papers from my dear friend Genie.
This is looking into the kitchen from the dining room.  The dining room and living room are one big room.  It looks a big busy here but it really isn't .  I keep changing the little wall.  Why does everything look crooked in pictures.  The chair with the bunny was my grandmothers.  My parents had it restored a long time ago,  The person doing it did a great job.  On the other side is an oak cabinet that I would love to paint.  It has some nice carvings on it.  It is big and heavy.  My Shirley Temple doll and a couple of Madame Alexander dolls that I bought at the auction house close by where I live.
Another shot of the big heavy cabinet.  Some canvased photos by the back door.  Our upstairs opens right into the back yard.  Even though we have a bi-level it is also called a hillside ranch. 
This little owl was from Doodle's Christmas sale this year.  Instead of gift wrap paper they had candles.  She just knew I would want this.  We have a history about owls.  When she was little we would drive by a dentist office that had a wood carved owl on a high pole.  I would open the sun roof and yell, "Don't you be pooping on my car Hooter".  Her dad named the owl Hooter, not me.  We still laugh about us doing that.  Now she loves owls like me.  And look who is in that photo behind the owl.  That's Doodle and her brothers.  Oh, I love those kids.
I moved my plates.  This wall is busy now but I think I like it. 
Forgot my little wagon. I love this wagon.  It will soon hold some little Christmas trees.  The shelf above I painted in guess what, ASCP Duck Blue.  The little table that holds the cable box was supposed to be from China.  It's a little school desk and has a little chair.

There you have Cozy Blanket.   You can tell that I follow no rules on decorating.  I have my own style.  I just decorate with what I love to be around.  Thank goodness Mr. Cozy goes along with it all. Thanks so much for touring my home today.  Since No One showed up for my Open House at least you came.  (Don't feel too bad, I got some orders over the phone)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just a little more Halloween

Sunday evening was our Trick or Treat night.  It was postponed because of storms.  My sons and their families and Mr. Cozy and I were getting together for soup and salad before time to go out.  We decided to surprise the grands by dressing up.  They thought it was so funny.  I wish I had pictures of the other two that are out West....maybe later.   The morning after the fun, this bunny got really sick.  She is still not feeling well.  Grammy watched her a couple hours so her daddy could go back to work.

Updates........I am now watching Dorothy and Spy man. above 3 to 4 days a week.  They both go to school  - one elementary and the other one just 3 hours in the afternoon.  But I take them and pick them up on these days.  It is so much fun to be able to do this.  It has also made life a little busier.  I still have Baby Olivia.  I mentioned this before........I know......just wanted to make sure that you knew.....hah.

I wasn't going to do the "Thankful" list this November but decided to anyway.  So since this is the 5th
her are the first five........random order

God, my family, friends, my pets, the roof over my head.
Happy November my Bloggy friends.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Parade of Pure Cuteness

I love this parade.  All the elementary kids parade around the school block.  Not only are my two grandchildren attending this school but several others that I have taken care of in the past years.  Also there are neighbors and friends children and grandchildren.  These are just a few of my favorites.  Here is my Goose, of course.  She was all giggily and playing the part.
See all the leaves.  That's from last nights storms.  There are still lots of leaves on the trees and they are still very colorful.
Here is the principal leading the parade.  He loves it.  Last year he was the Grinch in green tights.  I think Duck Dynasty is a little better.  But I am wondering how many elementary age kids watch that show.
Remember China Girl and her sister O.  Here is O.  She is so shy that she didn't look like she was having fun.  She still looks exactly the same as she did 2 years ago.  And the next one is China Girl.  Oh my gosh she was all bouncy and excited.  And how adorable is she in the Strawberry Shortcake outfit.  I had hoped that we would have a long term relationship but it didn't happen.  I loved watching these two.  We had so much fun.
This is Carter. 
I watched him about three years ago.  There are pictures of him on the blog soon after I started blogging.
Fuzzy fussy.  I want a new camera.  This is Miss Gabby from last fall and the year before.  My camera batteries died right after this.  She has lost a lot of teeth since I last saw her .
And here is my grandson.  He is Secret Service.  Wonder why he chose that.  Little Mabel photo bombed, hah.    The next picture of him is what he looked like after the parade.  His Mama had to tuck in his shirt.  I kinda like this look.
My little neighbor girls.  I gave them the duck outfit and all four of her kids have worn it.
I snapped this while I waited at a light.  Check out the flower's a beauty shop.  So funny.
Well I will return as we still have some haunting to do.