Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Friends.
Sorry no pictures today.  I have lots to share but they will have to wait.
My computer is in the shop.  The internal mouse button quit working.  We just purchased this computer this winter.  Because it is under warranty it had to be sent away.  They first told me 4 - 6 weeks, are you kidding me.  It has only been a few days and I am lost.  I can see emails and facebook on my phone.  I can see comments to my blog but it is almost next to impossible to read blogs.  So I came to the library today.  There is a 60 minute limit.  That will go way to fast after I check everything else I need to check.
Nothing to new to report.  I am loving the cooler weather even if the heat is on.  I have been decorating for fall.  I received my two swaps I was in.  Thanks girls.  I will post those pictures when I can.
Another soccer game for Goose.  That girl is good.
Claudia named her new Singer Featherweight sewing machine after my suggestion of Mabel.  (After my sweet granddaughter)
I am getting tired of campaign ads and those dreaded phone calls.  Someone called the other day and asked if I had decided who I was going to vote for.  I said I hadn't and she asked if I wanted an expert on the issues to call e.  I said," Nope, my husband thinks he is the expert."  Poor lady had the hardest time keeping from laughing .
New TV shows starting finally.  I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy to start.
I am making chili tonight.  It was in the thirties this morning......don't we all make soup as soon as it gets colder.  Also some GF brownies......perfect fall dinner, right.
Walked my little girl I watch to the bus stop today.  Piper has this figured out.  He goes to the door as soon as he knows it is time.  Izzy can't go as she huffs and puffs til she is sick.  Today (while on the lead) Piper climbed on the bus and went and sat next to the bus driver and wouldn't budge.  He would love to go with the kids to school.  He's a hoot.
Speaking of "a hoot", David B. from HGTV has a pull out print of his owls in the new HGTV magazine that you can frame.  It's very cute.
On a final note.  Landon got to go home yesterday.  The streets of Granville were lined with well wishers.  He even rode in a police car.  This town is amazing.
While Landon still faces uncertainty there is another little one that is getting better but was very ill.  She had some illness that she had blisters all over and inside her body.  I can't remember the name but it's a fatal disease.  If you can make it through the worst I think you survive.  She was so ill.  There are signs of improvement.  She is in Goose's first grade class.  Her name is Skylar.  Please say a little prayer for her.
Okay, folks, my time is running out....19 minutes left.  I want to read a few posts.
Miss you.


Just Mags said...

So sorry about your computer sweet Debby and I hope it will be back soon. So happy to hear little Landon got to go home. That is just awesome what the town did. Hope you have a great week sweet friend. Hugs

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Hope you get your computer back soon; I know that is a hassle.

Susie said...

Debby, One day I am just going to have to do something about our computer. Add more memory or just get a new one. not wanting to do that. Good luck, smiles, Susie

Gina said...

I'm glad to hear that Landon went home. Hope your computer is up & running in no time!

Junebug said...

Oh my, I don't know what I would do without a computer for 4-6 weeks!! I guess live at the library, ha-ha!!
That's good news about Landon and little Skylar will be in my prayers! Hugs!!

Claudia said...

Oh poor you with the computer stuff! It's amazing how much we love them and grow to need them. Hang in there and I hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later.


Shirley said...

Hi Debby, I am so glad that Landon got to come home and I will pray for the other little one. I am sorry about your computer. I would miss mine, but it would give me more time to get ready for the fall shows and put some new stuff in my Etsy shop. Have a great day. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

At Home in English Valley said...

Thank goodness for smart phones. Remember when we just had a rotary phone, a set of encyclopedias, and sent snail mail.... It's hard to go back;-). Hope they surprise you with Quick service! I love the library, but there 's no place like home! Take care my friend! Love, Penny

Unknown said...

Debby, If you are reading this I am sending my hellos! I wondered why we hadn't heard from you in a while. The trees are beginning to look so pretty. I'm giggling as I too just made ham and bean soup. I love the colder months. We need to get together again and plan a bloggers luncheon for the spring. I have been so inspired by Meri's. It would be wonderful to meet some of these fantastic ladies.
Come on mouse! Have a great week ahead. Elizabeth