Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My favorite

I think this is my favorite photo from my trip to Colorado.
Are you wondering if I will ever run out of pictures......sorry I have many more. It was so nice of the bear to pose with us. He sure is a big one.
In case you are wondering, Dancing Girl on the left.....does dress herself. She can be very creative, hah.
And yes she dances. She is in a dance group but has been known to dance for hours in her own home.
The little guy in the gray sweatshirt is named after my Dad and his great grandfather. He loves the Buckeyes, and the Broncos and Tim Debow. (Hope I spelled that right)
The sweet little girl in the front is named Mabel. She had a pedicure last week, hah. She is such a sweet one.
The baby in my arms is named after my Uncle and his great uncle. This little guy can be found in the fridge or the diswasher and if all else fails maybe inside a cubbard with the door shut. He is quiet and always moving. He never stops exploring. When he smiles he wrinkles his nose at you.
Oh, in case you didn't guess......they are my sweet grandbabies that live way too far away from this Grammy.


Anonymous said...

I will never tire of seeing your pictures and I hope that you share them all. That is a very sweet picture. What a wonderful time you must have had hugging and being with those precious grands. Hugs

Julie Harward said...

Such sweet ones grandma...and do I ever know that feeling of being with them when they are so far a way! ;D

Nan said...

What a cute photo. You are lucky to have them. My grandkids are adults so no more babies and I'm not anxious for the two boys to have any, they have way too much growing up to do yet at ages 18 and 22. The 18 year old is just graduating next month then in August going to a university here in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

That bear sure gets his photo taken alot....I have a photo of my kids in front of him in the 70's!!

Love your grand children photos and you should share them often with us. That's what blogs are for and I'm a sucker for pictures!