Friday, January 27, 2012

"You okay Izzy?"

Dear Cozy Blanket followers......Piper here. My Mama asked me to make this post. She is a little tired tonight. My little sister Izzy had her dental surgery today. She is back home and did okay. My parents were worried that they would cancel the surgery since her belly was so swollen. But they did blood work and said it was a go. When Mama went to pick her up they said she had her dental but they had to pull a tooth. Mama nearly came unglued.......she even told the tech that she was there to get teeth pulled not just cleaned. She had been told there were 2 maybe 4 that needed pulled. We have been stressed out for months about getting these pulled ......and they only pulled one. OM Gosh. The doctor (same one that put her on a diet) told Mama that it would help if she could loose some weight. Mama said, " Are you kidding me, I don't even want to hear that" The other tech told her that Izzy lost 1 lb. 4 oz. (After all that effort) She reassured me that was 10% of her body weight. Geez Louise.
Now let me tell you why Mama is so tired (besides not sleeping) and not in the mood for posting. After dropping Izzy off she had her chest x-ray, blood work and EKG. She then ran home so I could tinkle and then went to the foot doctor......she said she would tell you about that later. She ran to the bank and then to the grocery to get soft food for my Sissy. She picked Izzy up and went home. The foot doctor left a message saying she left her cell phone. She tried to call back on the land line and it went dead......., so she will probably not get her phone until Monday. She is okay about it as she didn't want to get back in her car again. We are all just glad that out baby is home again. They think her belly swelling is from swallowing air from her breathing problems.....she has a collapsed trachea. I'm going to be really nice to Sissy and Mama til our Daddy gets home.
Toodles and Puppy nose kisses.
P.S. Mama said to tell you that a 58 lb. over friendly doggie tried to sniff Izzy and she tried to take him out. She does that to me too, I just back away and say, "Well, okay then Sista.


Jane said...

Poor little Izzie! And poor Mama! Sure good to have Piper around to take care of things!
Hope you all get rested up and have a peaceful weekend!

LEfting said...

Poor little girl! And poor little girl's Mama....what a stressful thing to go through!

NanaDiana said...

OMGosh! What an AWFUL day! Isn't that the way it goes some days? It is like the proverbial snowball that once started keeps gathering more unto itself as it goes downhill.

I hope Momma gets some rest and that Izzy is okay. It is too bad there was a breakdown in communication and that they didn't do all the required extractions while Izzy was already under. Poor baby!

Have a good night and take care of your Momma for us! xo Diana

Kimberly said...

Just rest this weekend. You need it.

Julia said...

What cute loving doggies. Poor all of you... I hope that you will all feel much better tomorrow. Mama needs her sleep for sure. How nice of the Doctor's office to call about the cell phone. Have safe and warm weekend. JB

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh Debby...I feel so bad for you! When it rains it pours! ( it literally did pour here last night) I hope you are all feeling better soon. Take it easy this weekend and get some rest.~Hugs, Patti

Donna said...

Dear Piper,
It looks like you are being the best big sister ever to your little Izzy. And why oh why would the dr said she needed to lose weight? go figure! hope your Mom is feeling better too, and that you all have a calm weekend.
Sending warm puppy hugs,

Gina said...

Dear Piper,

You make sure your Mama gets lots of rest.


Nan said...

Whew I'm glad that part is over with.

Debbie said...

Oh poor Izzy. And to go thru all that and not get all that needed done, done. I would be upset myself. Piper seems to be very sweet.
Rest up Mom, and feel better. So sorry for your bad day. Glad that Izzy went thru the surgery OK.

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

My, oh my! What a day no wonder your mom is tired. We are happy little Izzy is home. Will she have to go back to have the other teeth pulled or did they decide they did not need to be pulled? Hope your mom got good news at the foot doctor. You are doing a great job sweet Piper watching over everyone. Hugs and nose kisses

Just BE Farm said...

You poor little girl!! You're lucky to have a Mama that loves you so much, I'm sure she's rested up and ready to tackle Izzy's doctor!! Tell Mama thank you for the warm welcome she sent us on our new blog, and to keep the posts coming as we are following her now.

~Bobby & Eric~

Grammy Goodwill said...

I sure am glad you're there to take care of everyone, Piper.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Awww poor baby! I'm sure she's getting lots of lovin!

That's ridiculous of the vet. Don't they look at charts?

Genie said...

Just finished your package. It will go out tomorrow. So glad the babies are there together and looking happy. Wish I lived closer by so I could help you with the Valentines. Genie

Donna said...

Our little Yorkie was so much like that too! Wantigg to "take out" bigger dogs till it was embarrassing and had teeth issues too. Our yorkiepoo too. We just love them anyway. Scoobie (yorkiepoo) has lost a lot of teeth. I'm surprised he can still eat!
Hope all is well with you since you have been running you butt ragged!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Oh little Izzy is so cute! (I've had three Yorkies in my life so far, and I love them.) I'm glad she's home. And I will say a prayer for her!!

Nezzy said...

Awwww, poor little Izzy! What a terrible horrible day.

I hope Mama gets a good nights rest and recoops from this one. It takes allot a energy fightin' off a 58 pounder. Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya and have a restful evenin!!! :o)