Friday, January 20, 2012

It's not too late to sign up for the heart swap. I have been having fun making these.
Some more hearts. These I made. Sorry for the blur. I will wrap up the swap this week-end. I will post who all is sending hearts to me. I hope to go to an all day crop/craft tomorrow. I am afraid that the weather may cancel it. Winter advisory all night and into the morning tomorrow.
I have groceries and dog/cat food, just missing the Hubby. I hope he doesn't stay too late at work so he will be able to get up our big hill. I am so glad that I quit the school job. I wouldn't be home til late as they never cancel.
I still have my jammies on. They have skiing bears on them. I don't plan on changing either. Just trying to decide how I hike to the mailbox in them. I am looking for some packages and saw the mail lady put something big in the box.
But it is soooo cold. I think in the single digits.
I will have to carry the land line with me as I am expecting the doctor to call me about my referral to the ortho for this trigger finger. I know you can make your fingers do this, its not a trick. The trick is to get it to return to normal. Online it says a trigger finger isn't painful. Well let me tell you it is getting more painful. My whole hand hurts. It's is a good thing that I am right handed.
Well, to bundle up and take the hike. Then back home to make some split pea soup. I have been saving the bone from the Honey Baked Ham we had for the freezer.
Stay warm and have a wonderful week-end.


Anonymous said...

I just signed up for the swap....I will make my out of chipboard and paper with images!

I tried to do that with my hand. It hurt just TRYING, so I can't imagine how it is to actually HAVE the problem. Hope the doc helps.

Be careful going to the post box....those jammies may cause a distraction with cars!!!

Gina said...

These are great Debby! I made some hearts out of fleece last week.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Debby - I'd sign up if I could make something. I'm sure everyone will enjoy the swap. I hope your finger gets "fixed" soon.

Polly said...

have fun at your crop tomorrow! will pray that the weather lets you go!!

your heart swap sounds fun fun fun! i'm sure you girls will get very creative!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your hearts are darling!! I hope you get the trigger finger taken care of that your dominant hand?

If I had a box in my mail box, I would make a run for it no matter what I was wearing!!

Stay warm and dry!


Debbie said...

I am so lucky, as my mail comes to my door. If I have a box, he rings the bell and leaves it on the porch. In the winter, it comes in very nice. When I 1st moved here, getting to the mailbox in a foot of snow was challenge for sure. When we bought this house, I was so happy to see the mailbox on the house right by the door..LOL
Trigger finger is no fun. Both my hubby and I have it. Do you have the knots in your hand also? I have 3 of them. I hope yours get fixed soon.
Your hearts are beautiful!!! How lucky will the people be that gets them!!
Stay warm, it's sleeting like crazy in Dayton!!!

God Bless~

Nan said...

There is an actor I like with two trigger fingers, name of Bill Nightly. I see them in all his films. Also my Aunt had one and in those days nothing was done about it. I wonder what they can do now outside of surgery maybe? Keep me posted. I'm tempted to do the swap but I'm loaded with sewing projects here so I better not put the pressure on myself. Nan

Anonymous said...

Sweet Debby, those hearts are so cute. Sure hope you can get help for your finger. Hugs

vicki said...

Hi Debby- your heart swap looks like a lot of fun-- I wish I had some extra time to play along-- but I'm knee deep in my "nest" making right now----

Your poor finger-- owww! I had a bit of a similar situation last year- it was my thumb that was affected. A series of shots ( yes, they hurt--) totally cured my finger. I hope it goes as well for you. I know the pain you are having--

Thanks so much for your visit- it means the world to me that you stopped by-

Decor To Adore said...

How talented you are! I adore several of the hearts.

Pam said...

I've never seen a trigger finger before, but it looks painful from here. Love your hearts - especially the button one.

Genie said...

Geeze...when it rains it pours. We have gotta figure out Skype. This is ridiculous. You and I have to be smart enough between ttwo brains to do it. XOXOXXO genie