Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sign up for the heart swap

Here is a heart made by Genie for the swap. How cute is this. It is all hand stitched and mine will be as well. Sign up a.s.a.p. Thanks to Genie for showing us this sweet heart.

Random things............Mother Nature is mixed up for sure. This crazy weather. 50 yesterday and freezing rain/snow last night. It was supposed to warm up for the rest of the week. Now more snow on the way.
Seattle is getting slammed with snow. Goodness, it is hard to plan anything.
The cruise that went bad had to be so scary. Sounds like no one was in charge. With it being dark out and the water 50 foot deep, I would have had heart failure.
Just because Paula Deen uses alot of butter in her recipes, it doesn't mean she eats it all. Give her a break, after all she's my sista. Just for the record, I have never used any of her recipes.
Remember the last time I asked you to pray for my friends. Well, we need some more prayers for Brett. He fractured his leg right after the last surgery. He continues to grow cysts instead of bone in his hip. They now are going back in to put a rod into his femur bone. It wasn't an option before because he was still growing. So now they are out of options. I don't know and I doubt his doctors know what to do next. He is so sweet. He is only 9. He is my DIL's nephew. This last setback has made him sad and worried. Please pray for Brett.
I know there is some kind of blackout happening today online......but.......even before I am seeing so many post about blogging issues. I am having them as well........will this get better or should I begin to change things on my own blog. I sure hope not as I am afraid that it will all go away if I do one little thing wrong.
Have I told you lately that I appreciate you. I do, you know. Thanks for listening to all my random thoughts.


Nan said...

Very sad about Brett I hope this latest procedure will work poor kid. You know w/o TV to watch and only watching what I pick to watch on Amazon or Netflix I actually don't know what this Paula Deen is all about but I have picked up now from the news information about her. It sounds like now she's getting bad press because of diabetes? So far I have not had trouble with Blogger.

Kimberly said...

Some blogs I can't even get to. It gets frustrating. Some blogs I follow aren't in my dashboard. I would definitely have died of heart failure too!!!

Nezzy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about little Brett's problems, I will continue to pray for him sweetie.

Have a beautifully blessed day girl!!! :o)

Julia said...

Some blogger friends are having problems leaving comments too. I'm OK so far.

That poor little guy, he's having such a hard time. I'll keep him in my prayers. I hope that the doctors can fix his problem.

Same here about Paula Deen, I first heard of her in the news. I only watch the news on TV.

Stay safe and warm. JB

Debbie said...

I love Paula Deen, but am alittle sad she kept diabetes a secret for 3 yrs. She could help the cause so much! I am a type 1 diabetic since age 19 and on a insulin pump. I so pray for a cure one day. Not for me, as I am 56 yrs old, but for my grandchildren, etc.
I too would of had heart failure in that ship. Oh my how scary is that? They are calling the Captain, "Chicken of the Sea" now. What Captain, leaves his ship before everyone is safe?
I would love to do the Heart Swap, but I can't do crafts due to my hands. I have severe nerve damage in my hands due to diabetes. I love love love crafts but can't do them. Sad, I know.
Have a great week!!!

God Bless~

Claudia said...

Hi Debby,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I will certainly pray for Brett - how awful for him!

The weather is crazy this winter, isn't it? Warm, no snow, then frigid - still with no snow to speak of. Who would have thought we would be in the middle of January with no snow?


pogonip said...

Poor little guy. I just know there is some good news in his future that will put a smile on his face again. Because life is just a bit of a roller-coaster.