Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let the sun shine through

In January, in our neck of the woods (Ohio), we barely see sunshine. This year (2012) we have had sunny days since the 1st of the year. Nice temperatures. Sweater, no jacket kind of warm. This was a sunset the other night. I quickly took the picture. If I had gone outside I am sure it would have changed and I wouldn't have gotten this color. I couldn't believe the beauty of this sunset.
We are back to full swing here. Here is O and A doing what they do
On Sunday we had tree trimmers working. They got the trees and branches off of our neighbor's fence. The neighbor thanked us..........sure hope he appreciated our swift actions.
I thought you could all use a little laughter. So here goes......
When I was in Colorado my daughter and granddaughter went to a hair salon. My granddaughter asked the receptionist if old people could have tinsel in their hair. She said of course. So Grammy got some silver tinsel in her hair. Dancing girl got a feather (feddar) and her Mama got a wee bit f tinsel. Well mine just kinda stood out. I didn't blend in. I had three people over the course of 10 days of having it in tell me I had tinsel in my hair. I think they thought it came from a Christmas tree and I didn't know I had it. Well, it is gone now. Dancing Girl's feddar stuck straight out the next day. It looked so funny bt so fitting for her.
Okay Dancing Girl gave Grammy and Grampy a tattoo. Those darn things had to be scrubbed off as they weren't budging.
Have you heard of miss matched socks. Well they are right up my alley and DG's as well. She got me a pair (that is 3) for Christmas. When I went through security of course I had to take my shoes off. My socks were black, one with colorful polka dots and the other one stars with the same colors. You know how those security people are so serious. Well as I was approaching the scanner the security guy told me I had my socks on the wrong feet. He said they needed to be on his feet. I loved to see that he had a sense of humor.
I finally went to the grocery. Hubby had for a few things but I was putting it off. So I went and carried all the stuff in and up the stairs (bi-levels are so wonderful). I went to step over the groceries and caught my toe in one of the plastic bags and went flying into the wall. Almost smacked my head. I am fine but I am sure this was a site. Tanner was here and he got very quiet.
Okay a little more serious... Pogonip of Meadowsweet Cottage left a comment and said I should use "accomplish" as my word for the year. "accomplish" it is. I went for paint chips yesterday. The one I liked and my Hubby (after a little coaxing) was Peanut Butter. The funny thing was I picked the chip and then read the name. A friend of mine had used the very same color in her home and I loved it. I wasn't looking for that color though when I saw the chip. So back for the paint today. When will I get to it, we will see.
O and A are only coming two days a week now. So I get a phone call yesterday for two more darlings to come on the days that I had just feed up. Oh my, I don't say no well so said okay. They will go to school in the afternoons just like O and A do.
Our sun has gone away and today we are getting rain and later snow. I think we all knew it was just a matter of time. Of course I love the snow but not slippery roads.
So thanks for those beautiful sunshiney days to kick start our new year. Now off to "accomplish."


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOL...tinsel in your hair!

Accomplish is great! Mine is organize!

Happy New Year! Love that sunrise!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

You sure have a full life, Debby!! I had to smile over the tinsel! Your grandkids sound like a lot of fun, I am looking forward to the day!

My word of the year is Joy. Finding it all around me. So far, so good!


E said...

Love the tinsel story :) I don't have a word, too much pressure me .. ha !! I've been trying to organize my treasures and even if its from one shelf to another or out of paper into plastic (smells better) I am a happy camper and "feel" like I am accomplishing lol. Thanks so much for the ice skate its on my shelf as we speak (I sent an email but recall computer issues) Elaine

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...I wanted to mention the mismatched socks. I gave my daughter some for Christmas. I really thought she would like them as she adores crazy looking socks. But she says they drive her crazy, like she just grabbed something out of the laundry! lol!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I can just visualize you with the tinsel in the hair! That's funny people were saying things to you! My 9 yr old granddaughter wears 2 different socks...some kind of a craze right now or what? Now her 2 yr old little sister wants to do the same thing. For goodness sake, if it snows, be careful out there! I hope the roads don't get slippery ~Hugs, Patti

Nan said...

Debi good thing you hit your head and didn't get hurt lol. The socks, would you believe these people here in Homer wear different socks all the time. We all have to remove our shoes when entering a home so we come in with our socks on and I notice this is normal mismatched socks! I do it too as socks are hard to come by up here, good ones that is.

Kimberly said...

What a beautiful sunset!

KaRaLouTopia said...

Absolutely love the tinsel in your hair!

Your sunset was beautiful and I know what you mean about the weather. Im up in Michigan and its just been insane!! It feels like fall and its already January, so thats nuts.

Im one of those freaks that actually prays for me crazy but somehow it brings my kids closer together :)

Accomplish is an awesome word! Mine is Serenity and its going to be hard but Im working on it.

I hope you accomplish many great things this year, big and small. :)


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Sue said...

Make. Sure you wear those crazy socks next time I see you, ok? It's starting to rain now. dang- it will freeze and I'll be sliding all over the place tonite! My car is back from the dealer and I should have 4WD again! snow- show me the money!!! Xo Sue

pogonip said...

Looking forward to all the things you will Accomplish, Debbie!

And stealing your sock idea for the next time I fly! What a hoot!

Junebug said...

I love the tinsel idea! My grand daughters all have the feather thing and the miss match socks. I have a great nephew that plays for a college football team. I can always pick him out for he wears one black and one white on the field. I should have tried accomplish, it sounds more positive them de-clutter. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have accomplished the de-clutter, what a job! It's back to my projects! Stay safe with your weather on the way!

Sandy said...

Hi Debby,
Yes I got your comment. I had to do a few things to fix the problem and at best it is a band aid...I wish Blogger would get their act together!

vivian said...

Hi Debby, i got a kick out of the tinsel in your hair. I always think I would love to just dye mine a soft pink! lol! I would never do it, but I would love to have the guts and to live somewhere where people wouldnt just think I was nuts. haha!
have a great weekend