Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Living small, really small

Could you live in almost no square footage. I'm sure this would be for camping not real living but.......small it is.
These first three pictures are from the same little "egg" camper. Pretty sweet.
They both were at the Country Living Fair last fall.
This one has even less space. The bed is all that fits inside. I like how the end pulls up for storage.
Glad it has two doors. It would be too confined for me without that feature.
My doctor has one of these even smaller. I honestly don't know how two people can fit into hers. I will post pictures of hers when I find them.
Have you ever thought of how much space that you really need to be comfortable.
We once had a cottage that was 750 square feet. It was big enough for two. I loved that little cottage. It has a screened /glassed in sun room. That little room helped make it seem alot bigger. I think that is probably as low as I could go.
Since out kids have grown we have one floor that does not get used at all. Two years ago we decided to find something smaller. We did but our house didn't sell. So we are still here. We basically live in our living/dining area, kitchen and bedroom. I even have all the day care toys in there. We have a craft room and a toy room that is untouched most of the time. My house is all very open and maybe that's what helps. But it's COZY all the same.
How COZY can you go.
(Updates.....Izzy is doing great, thank heavens. I have finally gotten some sleep. Minor surgery on my hand in two days.)


Julie Harward said...

It certainly is COZY...I guess if I had to I could! ;D

Junebug said...

I like cozy! I always had thought of buying a larger home but guess what. My thoughts have changed! I love my 1,000 sq ft! It's just right for me! Who want to clean house all the time, I'd rather play! I have a camp trailer but it is a little larger than the ones pictured. But I think they are so sweet. On to decorating mind so it is cozy feeling.

Vicki said...

Hi there! Glad Izzy is still improving! Me - I could live in a smaller space. With kids? - no way. lol

NanaDiana said...

First off...I hope your hand surgery goes okay. That is always a bit scary. We have a pretty big house and have talked of downsizing. I honestly don't know how small we will go. I think it will have to be somewhat of an "open" plan for me. xo Diana

Blondie's Journal said...

I like cozy! Our home is not that big but it has a lot of character.

Good luck with your surgery...I will be thinking of you.


Kimberly said...

I love cozy! good luck with the hand surgery. XXOO

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

My house is small but cozy too. Who wants a big house to clean anyway? It's just the two of us most of the time. In good weather we are outside more than we are indoors. Glad Izzy is so much better and good luck with your finger surgery! My gum is starting to feel a little better this week :) ~Hugs, Patti

Nan said...

I can't go small not living where I do it's too confining with the many long hours we must spend indoors compared to CA. life. We need sweeping vaulted ceilings and windows 40 foot up with panoramic views. This is how a person can stay here throughout the long winter and not get cabin fever!! Most of the homes are built like this is that is why.

Julia said...

I don't mind cosy as long as there's a place for all the basic necessities. It would be great for camping.
In the winter, though, I would go stir crazy in a small place for a long time. As a child I lived in a crowded small house. When we got married and built our own house we built a big house for our 4 kids.

Now that the kids are all gone, our house feels bigger. JB

Heather said...

Those little trailers are just so cute and cozy! I think I'd need a bit more space to be comfortable, however!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I am way too claustrophobic for these. But it's interesting what other people can live in, isn't it? Thinking of you.

pogonip said...

Having a teardrop camper is one of my dreams. It's like camping--only you take your mattress with you! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love those teardrop campers, too. So cute. There was one at a campground last year and we got to see inside it. We're pretty short people but still thought it was a bit TOO cozy for long distance camping.

Glad to hear Izzy is doing better and I'll expect to hear soon about your surgery. Fingers crossed (not really-that would hurt) that all is well!

Our home is 1100 sq ft. We've lived in tiny places and big places and this seems to be a perfect size for us. And i can clean really fast and there are NO stairs.


Susie said...

My mother had a friend who came to visit in one of those that only a bed can fit....oh my goodness, my sister and I thought it was adorable.But these days, it would be too cozy.LOL. smiles Susie(She Junks)

melinda ann said...

I love those little trailers! They are so cute. Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear your surgery went well.

Terrie said...

I stumbled into your blog. The trailers so cozy. Small doesn't matter, cozy is enough. Your crafts are pretty. The hearts are warm. Hope the surgery went well.
Terrie from Hong Kong

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Glad to read in your more recent post that you are doing well, Debby! I love this little camper, but I could see myself bumping into things ~ all the time. You've got to really love someone to have two people in here!

Your current home is what we were dealing with in New York. So many rooms not being used, but they were great while the kids were growing up and still lived at home. We had plans to down-size anyway when the job transfer offer came to my hubby for us to come to Ohio. This condo is like a little cottage and at 1790 sq. ft. is perfect for us. Our house in NY was about 3600 sq. ft.