Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flying into a new year

Strange title, I know. But these pictures are from the Butterfly Museum in Colorado. Also, the title could be from the fact that I flew home on New Year's Eve. That flight I don't remember much from. I have a habit of falling asleep as the plane takes off. I think I slept the entire flight home.
This picture is of Baby Q. and the (I think) dead butterfly. He didn't know that it had already passed on........but see the hand. It was to protect the butterfly in case he decided that he would smash it. That's what little boys do right.......yes, he is a little boy with lots of curly hair.
He isn't feeling too well right now either. We have discovered some kind of allergy to shrimp. Three episodes in two weeks. Now he has a bad cough. ( A different illness) Poor guy.
Okay, bear with me. I haven't figured out how to turn the pictures on this new toy. So please stand on your heads or something because I love this picture of Grampy and Dancing Girl. This little girl is very high maintenance, trust me. Might be the reason I slept on the flight home. She dresses herself. Notice all the patterns......her hat had butterflies on it as well. Some of her combinations are stunning. Her uncles' husband sends her big boxes of clothes that he buys her in NYC. Yes, you read that right. I have been there when those boxes have arrived. What fun. He has great taste.
Dancing Girl and Grampy went to a movie together, The Chipmunks. She called Grampy her "dater." She even said she thought she had a crush on him. He sure has a way with the little ones. Baby Q. loved him.
What's everyone looking at......a turtle. Dancing Girl has met her match.....another mixed match little girl.......that looks like she gave herself a haircut. proud. He just held Rosie the Trancula and I didn't have time for a picture........he got a sticker. My SIL tried to push me into holding way.
Okay, the computer will only let me download 4 pictures so I will be boring you with more pictures as I have alot to share.
I am working on "my new year's" goals, word, and all that jazz. I am still a bit behind on my thoughts and adjusting to being home. Every time I am away for a week it takes me a week to return to normal. What's with that.
I'll be back and with more pictures.......I know you will be so excited when I return, he he.


Kelly said...

What a cute post! I don't blame you for not holding a tarantula. Your little granddaughter is cute with her own chosen attire. You should make sure there are lots of pictures to share for when she gets older. I'm sure she'll get a kick out of seeing what she picked out! Looks like that place was fun to visit.

Nan said...

Nice photos of the family and I love the comment on who sent the clothes. Keep it up Deby you will master that new computer.

At Home in English Valley said...

You are so brave, I am a white knuckled flyer at best, could never fall asleep on a plane. You guys sure have is so much better with children, Happy New Year. Love, Penny

Jooles said...

what beautiful family photo's ...just what life is all about
happy new year to you and yours
love jooles x

Julia said...

How can you sleep on a plane? I want to be awake all the way until I'm back on solid ground.

Thanks for the lovely family pictures. Your granddaughter shows that she is confident in dressing herself the way that pleases her.

Happy New Year. JB

Suzanne said...

Debby, you are so funny! I loved this post...and Grampy sounds like a great DATER! Dancing girl cracks me up...she is so cute with her little outfits. Thanks for the smile, lovely lady:)
Hugs, Suzanne

Anonymous said...

You have been given the 'Reader Appreciation Award'. If you choose to accept it please stop by my blog and pick it up. Love your blog very much and thank you for being a faithful follower and reader of mine...and the kitties. Hugs