Friday, July 1, 2011

God Bless the US

I hope however you celebrate your holiday it will be full of blessings. Family picnics, fireworks, a parade or just a quiet's a holiday, so do what makes you feel good.

The temps are rising here and the heat wave is headed back. So is my reoccuring marathon headache. It started yesterday and still at. So far nothing helps. I am open for suggestions if you have any.

So today I am chilling just like my Izabella. Couldn't help adding her picture. She looks so COZY. I still can't find all my 4th decorations. I made this little banner with a couple of girls I watched yesterday. It wasn't planned and it took so little time. They took one home with them. I babysat a couple days this week.....not my was fun.

I have a funny story. The other night I was dreaming. I was driving or riding in a bus.....can't remember which......and I came around a corner and I screamed. Out loud. My husband was sleeping and so mad at me, hah. He kept saying, "Now why would you do that." I don't think I even said anything but while just half awake had to laugh to myself thinking that he thought I did that on purpose. I don't ever remember screaming while in my sleep. I have no idea what was around that corner. Goodness, I hope that isn't a bad omen.

So, I am off to do nothing but sit in a dark house with very little noise. Tomorrow I will put on my red, white and blue berks and rejoin the world. (They even have stars on them)
And this mean ole headache will just have to come along with me.....unless one of your remedies gets rid of it. Happy Birthday


Nan said...

I finally outgrew my migraines when I hit menopause. I took Imitrex for them which shrinks down the blood vessels in the head and the pain is gone! They are prescription of course. Hope yours goes away soon they are horrible.

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Debby, thanks for visiting and your kind words.

Regarding headaches/migraines: do you have a Young Living distributor near you? Peppermint, lavender or M-Graine usually help us.

In the meantime stay cool and in the dark!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

love your banner and that sweet babe taking a lil nap, Debby..

Happy 4th to you and yours..


Scrappy Grams said...

thanks for the visit! looked at your profile, can't believe how much we have in common! I have 4 adult kids, 6 grandchildren and 1 adorable great-granddaughter. I'll be back!

As I'm typing, I see Nan's comment about your migraines. I suffered with them for years. Imitrex helped so well. But getting a TMJ diagnosis helped the most. I got braces to help correct my misaligned jaw; consequently I seldom have migraines now. I found that still some fragrances will set it off. I can't afford Imitrex so I have a generic prescription and it takes care of it, especially if I take the med early.
Hope you can find help for yours. The only pain I found worse was pancreatitis.

koralee said...

Oh my hope you feel better daughter suffers from migraines..they really are terrible. xoxo

Emma Burgess said...

Hi Debby, hope you are feeling better now. Emma.

Deserae said...

Love your patiotic vignette with all the red,white, and blue! Izabella is such a cutie pie too :o) Hope you are rid of your awful headache SOON! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Ah Debby I so wish I could give you the remedy for your headaches. I hate the thought of you in pain.
Hope by the time you get this comment your headache has left.
Could not help but laugh at your story about your dream. Something similar happen to me and my ex one time and we laid in bed laughing about it for an hour. hahaha
Get well and enjoy your 4th
Be safe and love

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh gosh, I hope your migraines go away...Such beautiful decorations! And it's so funny that you mentioned your dream because last night I was asleep and in my sleep I made a joke to my husband and I laughed in my sleep--and it woke me up!!! How funny!
Happy 4th of July, Debby!! said...

So happy I found your blog, Debby (I'm part of the Traveling Friendship Bag Tour). I blogged about you and included a link to your blog here:

Happy 4th of July!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Ok, so is that a little Yorkie? I too have a little darling and don't think I knew you had one. :o)