Thursday, July 14, 2011


I marvel at some of your beautiful pictures. I think I will start saving for a new camera. When it comes to cameras, don't put all your apples in one bucket. By that let me explain. When our family went on vacation we designated our own family photographer. She worked non-stop taking pictures of everyone.
At the same time there would at least be at least one maybe three other cameras clicking away. The rest of us are just point and shoot people. Our photographer's camera's disc failed. It's complicated but no pictures. Said sweet photographer was in tears and so upset. With the combination of all three other cameras we still got some great pictures. She was able to do some magic to the ones we took. Soon, I will post. So be prepared as you never know what will happen.

Hoping this will post. My Hubby realized we weren't getting all the cable channels we were paying for. The serviceman came yesterday and said that sure enough we weren't getting the signals we needed. He left and said he would call in a work order and someone would be out. Well, he never left the street we live on. He was outside for about 4 hours and sure enough he has been here all morning.
And folks he has multiplied....there are more trucks outside. My cable, computer, and phone go off and on and off and on. So much fun. But I am getting other things done. Hmmmmm, maybe this is a sign.

Newsflash......our windows are open......we are having a bit of a cool wave......well cooler wave. It's not 90......I don't know how ya all in the south deal with 100 plus temps.

I am in love with Bo Bunny mini books........I will show you later. I am working on an airplane mini book that isn't Bo Bunny today. I have to add the papers. BUT, Bo Bunny has some gorgeous ones .....printed in beautiful designs. And they have some brand new ones just coming out. They are fun for a trip or special event.
As soon as I add some things to the ones I am doing I will post.

Okay these are sure some random comments so I will exit before I loose the whole thing.

Stay cool.


Morning T said...

Cute post Debby and I love the first image of the flowers in jars.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Debby...thanks for calling today and the offer! Hope you get the cable/internet thing taken care of soon. Have a great weekend!~Hugs, Patti

Anonymous said...

Hope they got your cable issues taken care of. With things as pricey as they are we sure need to be getting at least what we pay for. Will be looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get them posted. Hugs