Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. Cozy Blanket saves a duck

Mr. C.B. and I took K. Bug and Goose to the Velvet Ice Cream Ole Mill today. We ate our lunch while the girls had ice cream, since they had already eaten. I took the girls out to feed the ducks. Grampy stayed in to pay the bill and to get us cones. Well.....we were eating our cones and the girls were feeding this one white duck. You can see some other ducks in the background.
All of a sudden all the ducks gathered in one spot. We thought they were fighting over something. Low and behold one duck had this white duck by the neck under the water and the other ducks were sitting on top of the poor thing. They were trying to drown the duck. OMG. The girls yelled. I yelled at Mr. Cozy to do something. He yelled. When it wasn't breaking up he threw his ICE CREAM CONE at the ducks, smacking one of them on the back. It broke up the fight, almost. The one duck still had the other one by the neck. My husband went over and was clapping and yelling at the duck and that bad dude let go. The poor injured duck came out of the water (next picture) and kept shaking itself. (The duck under the bush had already been there and wasn't a part of the posy of bad boys.)
After awhile the duck went to where the other ones were.
The last photo was of my husbands cone floating in the little lake. He did get another ice cream cone.

I think we made quite a scene. Lots of people were watching. I heard one kid say," That guy threw his cone at the duck."
Another lady told me that she was afraid that my Hubby was going to fall in the lake. We all said that we have never seen anything like that. I am afraid I would have gone in that water to save the little thing. We couldn't have witnessed a murder. After all Goose was with us. That is her real nickname that I gave her. She has always loved anything Daisy Duck and rubber ducks.

We all think that Mr. Cozy is a hero.


Cheryl said...

Bravo Mr. Cozy ;-)

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Seriously I felt so bad reading this... Animal stuff always makes me sensitive and I just never dreamed that ducks could have the same feelings and hatred as humans.... Wonder what that poor little guy did to tick off the others???? They were being bullies and I am glad Mr Cozy sacrificed his ice cream for the duck.

Connie said...

Even though witnessing an attempted murder is horrific, I couldn't help chuckle as I pictured your husband throwing his cone at the ducks. I think I would have done the same thing.
I hope he got a good discount on his second cone, after all, heroes deserve a break!

Andi's English Attic said...

Tick V.G. for Mr. Cozy Blanket, but I wonder what caused the others to gang up?
I was horrified to witness duck rape a few months ago. A mother duck (with ducklings in tow) was being chased and mounted by two drakes. Why was a new mum so interesting to them? Nature is cruel. xx

just call me jo said...

Mr. Cozy sacrifices ice cream cone for duck--It should be a headline in the newspaper. You go, guy! Dang ducks! They are so mean some times. I'm sure the maimed duck thanks you.

Kathy said...

I would have loved to have seen the ice cream throwing!!!!
I know it looks awful...but the cold facts are...
that's their mateing game.
My husband did something very simular just looks awful!
Happy SundaY!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

LV said...

What a wonderful story. Your hubby did a good deed and thankful all turned out well.

Julie Harward said...

I think he is a good guy too..way to go! I think I would have brought that duck home..bad ducks! ;D

Sue said...

If that was a mating game, as Kathy suggested, that is some strange way to "get some." Hearing you relate this in person made an even better story than reading it, Debby! Glad the hubs got another ice cream cone!
Had such fun today- hope you did, as well!!! I'd love to meet up with you again- maybe I need to plan a trip over your way to shop at that shop you mentioned. I thought about going to their open house but something came up. Give me a ring if you have a free day coming up. I'm good for Tuesdays and Thursdays. xo Sue

Pam said...

Glad no one had to get in the water to break it up. I hope that isn't the mating ritual. If so someone needs to teach them a different way to go about it (I'm not offering to be the instructor).