Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Mail Lady

I love the things my mail lady brings me. These are my recent fun things. This is a cute bookmark from my friend Jan from The Journey. Isn't this little girl sweet. Jan does amazing things with paper. I keep asking for lessons but I think she thinks I am kidding. This cookbook is from Victoria from The Things I learn From Bear. I love Gooseberry patch. This cook book is loaded with easy good recipes. The Gooseberry girls are from Ohio.
Also on almost every page is a homemade craft......I sure will be making lots of these.

Next is from Heidi and our exchange in a Homemade Gift Exchange. I think she should win for being most creative. This tin is adorable . Love the fringe. She asked what colors I like and I said ice cream colors. She did well didn't she. Inside as you can see, are little slips of paper of things to d with my grandkids. She added special things that are in our village. She researched my corner of the world. Sweet, huh.

Any how, I love all of my gifts. Whether the gift is from a random act of kindness a blog win or a swap, what fun I have receiving them. I also like to giveaway. I need to have another one of those soon.

So, I have a question for you. What is your favorite thing about summer. Besides spending time with family and friends I think mine is AIR CONDITIONING. Seriously.

What is yours?


Julie Harward said...

Lots of nice things here...and my favorite thing is riding my horse in the mountains..love the smell of the pines and the saddle and my horse! ;D

Anonymous said...

Favorite summer thing: riding my (many) bikes. Can't do that in the winter!

You are welcome and I hope the bookmark gets put to good use this summer.

NICE gifts Debby. Well deserved, too. You are special and we ALL know it!

Lessons...still funny!


Nan said...

All cute things you got there Debby. I make tags all the time and people call them book marks lol..It's 53 degrees here at 1 pm, quite a nice cool summer we have actually, no AC needed but guests do need the heat out in the guest cottage if they are from 'outside'. Nan

La said...

What great surprises you have received. Air conditioning certainly is a favorite this week!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Well living in Hotlanta where it' been particularly steamy lately, I'd have to second the AC! I really don't know how anybody lived down here without it!

Sherri B. said...

I just stared collecting the Gooseberry cookbooks for my mother, she so enjoys them.

My favorite thing so far is working in my garden, summer was slow coming so I am enjoying it.

Sue said...

Crack me up- you love the AC! It is hot and humid here in Oh, isn't it? I'm loving' my garden landscaping. I've never done much in the way of yard work before, except mowing. This is much more enjoyable. I WAS pretty wild looking while I was out working in the heat yesterday, though! Can you say sweat running down my face the entire time? See ya in a few days. :-) Sue

Donna said...

I agree about the A/C. Without summer would be a wash, but 2nd is the beach!! And a break from homeschooling..22 years now..

I love the neat gifts. How fun!


Creative Breathing said...

Hi Debby, I loved your Serendipity story - imagine the payback fear that guy must have been feeling! I also LOVE your duck story! I had to rescue 12 baby ducks out of our storm drain a few weeks past using little neighbor boys field hockey stick with net. I have told all neighborhood kids - Don't get Mrs. A when animals are involved. I can't take the worry! Have a great weekend! E

Pam @ Frippery said...

Gardening and yard sales and outdoor markets definitely. Even though it is sweltering here it beats freezing! Can't wait to meet at the Buckeye get together!