Monday, June 27, 2011

On Island Time

Mabel was definetly on island time. Everywhere we went this is how it ended. Someone was always walking in the rear with Mabel. Her favorite saying right now is , "I do it." We heae that really often. She is 2 1/2, could you guess. But somehow she maybe two but going on 15. She is very independant. She was potty trained before her second birthday. She has a tiny voice. She is so darn sweet but is also quite the pill. One night the moms and dads went out and left the littles with Grammy and Grampy. I did a bed check and couldn't find Mabel. I was just about to panic and noticed a tiny book light on under the bed. There she was sound asleep under the bed. I am sure this fall when she starts pre-school she may be teaching the class.

Thanks for all your comments on our 911. Mr. Cozy is feeling just fine. We have lots of emergencies with a son that had a seizure disorder and it never comes easy.

Hope your week is off to a good start. I have my car back and got several things accomplished. This is my first week off work that I am home so I am cleaning. Next week, I hope to have that out of the way so I can get some fun projects done.


just call me jo said...

That Mabel sounds a little like my daughter was. She's 31 now and still causing "problems." You gotta love 'em. How many were you tending at once? I can barely do 3.
It's a good thing that's all the grandchildren I have. ;o)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I had my 2 yr old granddaughter with me for 6 days last week. Aren't they cute at that age but also pretty headstrong? We love them bunches though!~Hugs, Patti

La said...

Mabel is so cute, Debby.

Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow to enter my giveaway.

Have a great week! La

zandra said...

HI, you are my winner for the tear critters! Congrats! Please email me your address.
Have a Happy 4th!
Hugz, Z

Julie Harward said...

LOL I loved hearing about her..she sounds like such a dear little girl! Have a great 4th! :D