Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crazy Summer Fun

We had a wild and crazy time in Hilton Head.
All of our grandbabies were there. It was the best time ever for Grampy and I.

Bug made this in the sand for Grammy.
Not sure who's feet these are but I thought they looked like they should be included.

There are alot better pictures coming. Most are on other cameras so I will have to be patient.
But I couldn't wait to show you the six darlings all together. There was some serious cousin fun. So much that Goose totally lost it when she said good-bye. (Far right) Tears and sobs from the bottom of her sandy toes. She brought us all to tears.

Water seemed to be the focus of this trip. The pool and the beach were non-stop favorties.......and add in the fresh seafood for the adults.
Nice having a chef on board. Thanks Bill, my favorite SIL.

We went on a pirate adventure. It was so hot and humid that his picture looks dark. The other cameras wouldn't even take a picture. Once on the boat we got a nice breeze. The crew did an amazing job with all the little kids. The two littlest were as excited as the bigger ones. It was so worth the money, for sure.

We just got home late last night. (Not from the pirate adventure but the whole trip) Grampy and I are trying to recover from the long trip home. Can't retreive our furry babies til this eve. Can't wait to see them.
Need to get some groceries and settle in. Such a wonderful time. Memories to last a long time

A big shout out to my Hubby on Fathers Day. Thanks for making all this possible. You have heard the saying, "All this because two people fell in love."

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads including mine in Heaven.


Nan said...

Looks like a wonderful trip for all of you and how fun the cousins can get together like this. The pirate adventure sure sound fun.

Anonymous said...!!!!

HOW CUTE is that one of all of them lined up at the pool? AWWWWWW

And a lovely tribute to your husband. The picture says it all.

Glad you had a great time and that the kids all got to bond. Nice Pirate hats!!! Ya-harrrrrr

Welcome home.

Cindy said...

Debby they are precious! I know you had some grammy fun!!These are the moments that get us thru tough times..just seeing those little faces of my grandchildren..make me want to dig deeper and to try harder. I want to see them graduate..and to see them get married.Life is wonderful when around your family!!I will call you later this week.I have to keep 2 of mine for 3 days..parents will be gone ..gonna be interesting!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Your pictures are amazing!!!
I am so glad you had a great time!
I can't see the end of packing!!!
We found a place not too far. So we are good. Moving Saturday.
have a super day!

Relyn said...

That first one is the BEST, funniest picture ever. I LOVE it! Looks like you had a marvelous time. I'm so glad.

Chris Graham said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! I taught preschool for 30 years and children capture my heart.
They are open, spontaneous, and full of joy!
Thank you.