Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tooth Fairy Was A No Show

Yesterday I had a tooth pulled.  Not a big deal, well it shouldn't have been.  It took an hour to get each piece out.  Lots of pulling and tugging. Never again will I do that awake.  Finally tooth was out and home I went.  The bleeding would not stop so back to the dentist.  Re numbed, cleaned and packed with some gel that is supposed to stop the bleeding and 3 stitches.  The bleeding has stopped now but it hurts.  Pain meds are helping but also making me really tired.  AND, the tooth fairy did not stop by.  He has been very kind taking care of me.
 I am glad to be home but so miss my kids out West.  I haven't gotten to see my granddaughters here yet and I can't wait.  Maybe tomorrow.  I missed my Mom's 83 birthday lunch.  And Doodle had a little brother that I can't see yet.  I have been Nanny to Doodle since she was 6 pounds, now she is 6 years.   Her baby brother was almost 9 pounds.  So, I must get over this little bump in the road and get back on my feet.  It's  beautiful back here in Ohio.  Everything is blooming and green.
Hope you all enjoy your Spring week-end.   ((((HUGS))))


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Debby so sorry to read about your tooth crisis...good gosh nothing much worse than going thru a horrible tooth extraction.
I have one that has to be gotten out and I have put it off too long...will pay dearly for it one day.
Thanks for stopping by to see me and leaving a great comment. I can not tell you how much they mean to me.
I like you visit anything with the cottage name attached so I am lucky that we got to meet since I have no cottage at the end of my blog

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Well girl that is just not right to go through all of that and the Tooth Fairy is a no show. LOL! Nothing worse than an old tooth.Ugh!
You have the sweetest grandchildren. I want to just hug them. I have none and the prospects are not looking good.So I enjoy everyone's.
It is always good to hear from another Buckeye. Glad you dropped by my blog.