Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Flying Springer Spaniel has done it again and Polka Dots

Last night I was trying to post.  Our beloved dog sitter stopped by to get paid for helping while I was in Colorado.  Piper, the Flying Springer Spaniel, flew onto my lap, where all laptops are supposed to be, right, and he slammed the screen down.  Since then I see rainbows of colors and once in awhile the actually screen.  If I keep hitting the screen it goes away.  I was getting a little rough, hitting the screen way too hard so closed the lid and went downstairs to the old antique.  Not even sure how to put pictures on this thing.  I can't stay down here long either, boo, I think it's God's way of saying I am spending too much time blogging.  But it is so much fun.
So.......if any of you saw the Elk Boose pictures.....excuse them.  I tried to delete.  I decided the picture wasn't clear enough.
Yes, I am returning to my old self.  That tooth was a nightmare.  I only allow myself short periods to be "down" and that time is up.  Things to do and places to go.
I wanted to tell you about my polka dot luggage.  Well.......I love this suitcase.  It's fun to stuff full of goodies to take to the grandkids and a few clothes.  I actually bought it at the airport for half price.  When it comes around on the turn table (I don't remember the real name of that thing) I can always spot it.  I have heard some giggles when others see it esp. when a white haired lady pulls it down and takes off.  Well, when I returned from this trip and retreived my ole buddy......my first thought was..."Wow, this thing is heavy."    The next thing I noticed was if I wanted to go right it went left.  I sat down and noticed that one whole wheel had been torn off and no where in sight.  Geez.  I was right next to the claims dept. for the airline I flew,  so I stopped in.  I showed the guy not thinking he would do anything.  He took me in the back room and had me pick out a new suitcase.  It smaller and no doubt a cheap one but it has working wheels.  My dilema, do I paint polka dots on this plain black thing or do I dare go on about my way looking like every one else at the airport.  I at least think I need some polka dot ribbons.  ((((HUGS))))

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