Friday, April 23, 2010

Off to the park to play

I think it's a good day for a picnic at the park.  Rain is on the way.  Someone else's post reminded me of this story.
When our son was four, shortly after moving in with us, we were leaving a baseball game.  It  had recently rained and there will little puddles everywhere.  There was one huge  muddy puddle.  Well Chris walked over and laid down in that puddle.  He ended up riding home naked in a jacket of mine.
I will be telling you several Chris stories in the coming future.  I am building up to tell you about his adoption.
Enjoy the sun.  The littles and I are headed out to play.

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Chris was very blessed to have you for a mother. Can't wait to read your post about him. I can just see a little boy laying down in a mud puddle..something a little boy would
Thanks for coming by today. I am taking a lunch break and of course visiting my favorite sites