Monday, April 26, 2010

There will be days like this

Goose took this picture of me sitting down to pay bills.  I don't look too happy do I.  Right after she took this she handed me the camera because she had to run to the bathroom.  She made it to the bathroom but had an accident.  We don't get upset about these little things.  Let's see what else is going on....
*  It is raining non-stop
*  The Littles fought alot this morning.  There were lots of tears.
*  There are toys everywhere.  Don't worry clean-up time is near.
*  Izzy won't potty outside in the rain so she has had accidents today.
*  Izzy threw up on my lap.  Yuck.
*  Goose's soccer game will most likely be cancelled.
*  My tooth is actually starting to feel better.  It's been two weeks and three days.  About time.
*  I made a mistake on my bill paying
*  I have projects that I need to get done
So, I guess I better sign off and get clean-up starting.  Doubt if I get to those projects but we'll see.  Do you have blue Mondays?  I know it would be different if the sun was out.  Tomorrow will be better.

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Junebug said...

I know blue Mondays well!!! I am working at don't sweat the small stuff! And if you could see my house right now you would jump for joy over yours!!! Where is that housekeeper with energy! Hopefully Goose's soccer isn't cancelled and I will be off to Grandson's baseball games! Enjoy this beautiful day even in the rain!