Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Q. gets a little binky help from Babes (almost 4 months and 15 months)

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Nan said...

Hi Debby thanks for the comment on my blog. You asked if I have a store or live close to stores. Yes and No. Homer has about 5000 all year residents and in the summer it swells to 10,000 spread out along this 50 miles of Kachemak Bay. We stay all year and don't leave when the snow flies. Yes we have a variety of stores here but no chains like Wal Mart (75 miles away). We have a Safeway which is nice. We don't want many stores here as that takes from the charm of a small town doesn't it. Anchorage is 250 miles away and is the hub of Alaska, you can't fly out without flying into to Anchorage first. Well I could tell you more but I'll stop here. Nan