Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poor Baby Piper

I'm sorry you had your surgery today and won't ever be a Daddy.  You would have made beautiful and sweet little puppies.  You came into out lives when we were still at a loss of your Big Sister Matty.  But, Piper, it is important that no little puppies be brought into our world to suffer.  You doggies deserve to have a happy home that is free of abuse and  have lots to eat and time to play.  You will soon get your sea legs back and be jumping for joy.  Mama will get you a new toy that you most likely will destroy very quickly.  Love you Piper.


Junebug said...

Oh, sweet, sweet boy!

Princess and the Pea said...

he look really annoyed with you. I think he knows he's missing something!

Anonymous said...

Nose kisses sweet Piper from Chancy and me for not adding to the puppy population, Chancy had that surgery a few months ago. You are loved and you will have a very happy life. Enjoy your new toy. Hugs