Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heart Swap

I am testing some advice on how to get pictures to upload.  I clicked on the HTML.  Then uploaded this picture.  The screen that came up was like the older method we used to have.  Then after the picture came up I clicked on Compose and it is letting me write the post.  Now we will see what happens when I finish.  You will know it worked if you see the post.
Okay girls, don't be shy about signing up for the heart swap.  It's fun trust me.  This is one of the hearts that I made last year.  You can sign up on this post or the one before this one.   


Kimberly said...

I am managing to get photos up but not your way. I am not really sure what I am doing! LOL

Ellie VanCaster said...

Mine came up today after someone told me that I had to go in thru Google Chrome every time-and it worked. I thought if I had downloaded Chrome thats all I'd have to do but not so much.
So knock on wood it's working!

VintageBettys said...

I would love to join the swap ....please include me ...I haven't shown much on the blog but I can be crafty

Thank you,

chris mckinley said...

I would love to join your heart swap!


Susie said...

Debby, You will be a computer whiz...it worked.Hot-dog. I'll be back to visit tomorrow. xoxo,Susie

Julia said...

Hi Debby, Good luck with your swap. I don't have time to participate but I love seeing what you get.
Valentine is not far away.

Genie Robinson said...

I do not dare join in...I was so late with the last one. I still have the hearts I got last year and some of the extras I made and could not bear to part with. It is such a fun swap. I am doing a bit better, but the iron is being absorbed slowly...or else it is not being absorbed at all. Am working part days. I tried to walk this afternoon on the track with Buddy, but now I am dead meat. Do not think I will be doing that again for a while. I do feel better. Hugs, genie

Creative Breathing said...

Debby, I don't dare do a thing to my blog for fear of it being updated. I have visited several blogs who have the same trouble you speak about. So glad you have figured it out! E

PatC - All is Bright said...

Hi Debby,

Thanks for asking about Mom. She is 88 and has had some minor strokes. She is not able to do alot of things and can not be left alone. Other wise we still enjoy each others company. I too have problems with downloading pictures and lately have done the same as you.

Take care and thanks for all your sweet comments you leave me.


NanaDiana said...

Whooo Hooooo It looks like it worked. You can also do it by going in through Google Chrome every time you want to post (at least I think you can). I hope you get lots of swappers- I just have too much on my plate to take on another commitment- even a fun one- xo Diana

Marissa said...

Debbie, looks like your a computer expert! I usually ask my husband for any help..I am really bad with technology!..really bad!..I think I'll skip this swap.. Can't waits see what you come up with...

Jane said...

Debby, I'd like to join your swap - hope paper hearts will be ok if I can't manage fabric ones. I tried making some fabric hearts last year but they were all lop-sided! Maybe if I use felt it would work. Did you say to mail them to you Jan. 20?
Thanks for hosting! Jane

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I could not load pics the last post I did so I had to use an old one already in blogger.
I get upset when this happens which seems to be a lot lately.
Will have to let you know about this heart swap.
Hope you are doing good wanted to come by and check on you.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

How cute. I am tempted by the heart swap!! The heart you made is super cute!!

vivian said...

hey Debby, looks like youve got it figured out! Your heart is pretty! OH deb, I would have joined in your swap, but I'm already doing several others and Im apprehensive about taking on anything else.
have a great day! is it the weekend yet? my house is a mess! I need a day off to clean it!

Suzanne said...

You did it, you did it!!!:) Leave it to sweet Debby to organize a "heart" swap! I so wish I could join in, but i;m traveling too much for auditions for my daughter so I best not take on anything else.
much love,

RetroSandie said...

Hi Debby! I'd like to join your heart swap-how many do we make and what size should they be approx? Unless, of course, you've already filled all of your spots!!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Debby, I got your email, I am furiously stitching away at my hearts. What a great idea breaking down the swap list. Thank you so much for hosting! Elizabeth

Linda Ruthie said...

Thanks so much for posting how you posted a picture. I am having the same problem and your solution worked.

Between You and Me said...

I love these hearts.
I can't possibly add one more thing to my plate because we're busy working on our daughter's bday party this weekend, but I LOVE what you've done!

You have the sweetest heart. I so appreciate when you stop by and leave such kind and thoughtful words.

Jacqueline said...

Debby, is this your heart swap????
I want to be a part of it. I will look back for directions on your previous post. Do you link me up with someone? I've only done a couple of swaps and I love it!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Debby, Count me in if there is still room. Love, Penny

Lynn said...

If you still have room, I would love to join!
Life on the wienee ranch blog,

ps hope and pray all get well soon