Monday, January 7, 2013

Heart Swap

Okay this is a old photo that I have used before.  I guess I just joined the list of bloggers not being able to download pictures.  Hope this is just a temporary problem.
First of all, I am hosting a HEART SWAP.  Last year I did this as well.  I have read where others didn't have much in the way of Valentines decorations.  This would be a fun way to add to your stash.   If you go to my previous post you can see some of the hearts that were made.  Most were from fabric but they can be made of paper as well.  They need to be made to last.  Something you would love to receive.  Mine were hand sewn.  I may make small heart banner this year.  The rules are simple.  Depending on how many people join....each person will make a heart for every one that participates.  I would like to keep the number at five for each person.  Say I get 10 people to sign up, I will divide them in two groups.  It has to be a heart of some sort.  If it is paper, make it special.  Make sure to sign them or add a little tag saying who it is from.  When you are ready you can mail your hearts to me plus $5 for me to mail all your hearts back to you.  You can sign up on this post.  If you have any questions just ask.  I realize my instructions might be cloudy.  Yes, I am still having headaches.  Going to the doctor again tomorrow.  Hoping that something will work.
So PLEASE sign up.  My mailing address is:  Debby Messner  158 Spruce Drive   Granville Ohio 43023.  Your mail date should be on or before January 20, so that I can get them back to you in good time.
OTHER THINGS:  Thank you for your words of comfort and your prayers for my friend's daughter.  She was ever so grateful.  So many that are so ill right now.  So sad.
My WORD for the year is enJOY.  Yes, spelled that way.  I want to enjoy every thing I can in this coming year.  I want to have joy in my heart and be able to bring joy to others.  The enjoy is to motivate me and the joy is for the feeling it brings.
My granddaughters that had the hamster that died a couple months ago.  I posted about it.  They got a new one before Christmas.  Well Santa brought another one.  We were all talking about this one's belly being on the pudgy side.  I even felt it for babies.  WELL, last week, Humphrey the Hamster is now a brand new mama to 10 hairless blind babies.   They are being very well taken care of.  They are in a heated bathroom and no one can even look at them.  They are looking for homes for them. He he.
My son and his family are back in Colorado.  So hard saying goodbye.  Our grandson has the hardest time saying good-bye to his relatives.  He wants to live in Ohio so bad  They are trying to make that happen.  Not sure if that will happen.  I miss them already.
Izzy, the Yorkie has had a rough day and last night.  She has been sick at her stomach. Then she started limping.  Hoping that this clears up before a trip to the vet.  I have some tummy pills that I am trying.  She is pretty little so I need to make sure she is hydrated.
Okay on that note I will sign off.  Hope everyone is returning to normal, whatever that is, and having a good start to  new week.


Julia said...

Hi Debby, I had the same thing happen with the hamster as your grandkids. My daughter wanted a hamster so I told her to get the small one but she wanted the one with the pudgy belly. She really wanted that one and we had the cage in the bathroom behind the door. One night my daughter left her pretty pink dress in the bathroom and it was touching the cage and in the night the hamster had chewed her little dress to make it's bed. It got a litter of hamsters too. That was the last time we got hamsters.

It's hard seeing our kids moving to big city or even over seas to work. We seldom see them too. It's a good thing that I'm very busy.

Hope that you get blogger figured out so you can upload photos.


NanaDiana said...

Debby-Good post here- I love how much you love our family and I know you miss them dreadfully when they are gone. Good luck on your heart exchange. That should be fun.

Are you using Google Chrome? That has seemed to fix everyone's problems. Just google the words Google Chrome and then load it onto your computer. Then use that to access your email and blog. It should clear up all your problems.

Have a great night-and enJOY~ xo Diana

Kimberly said...

I love your word enJOY! I am having trouble also posting pictures on here. I get frustrated. I just did a post without any pictures -
Hope your headaches go away!!

Gina said...

I wish I had the time to join your heart swap. Sounds like alot of fun!

Art and Sand said...

I like your heart swap idea, but I need to get an idea of dates. I already signed up at at swap at Bungalow Bling. For her swap, I only make 1 heart. I have 99 work days until retirement (my husband is counting) which means work gets in the way of my play time. It sounds fun, so let me know the deadline for mailing them.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Debby, I would love to make a heart for you! Sign me up!
I do hope your son will eventually find his way back to Ohio. So cute about Humphry! Have fun! E

A Vintage Fairy said...

Would love to join your swap! Sounds like fun!

HollyC said...

Hey Debby, I would love to swap hearts! Count me in. What a sweet idea :)
I have been having trouble too with blogger. I found a way around the hiccup. Just upload your pictures onto Picasa Web Album. When you normally upload your photos onto blogger the side bar over to the left gives you choices on how to upload, usually I hit browse and choose a file from my computer, but now I have to download them onto picasa (which is one of the choices on the upload page) and only then am I able to add them to the area where I can type a post. Was that as clear as mud? I, too, hope they get if fixed soon. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment on my blog or email me and maybe I can help. Have a wonderful night, Holly

VintageBettys said...

I would love to join this swap and I would sew mine also! The ideas are clouding up my head :) I love cute decorations! I signed up in the post above this one also

VintageBettys said...

Debbie I am at work...I'm sorry to hear that you've been getting bad headaches...Check the blood pressure(too many salty foods), allergies,maybe your eyes need a check up...

Hope the doctor figures it out fast, I sometimes get bad headaches and the reasons above are usually what cause mine.

A Little Creation said...

Hi Debby,
I would like to play also! I don't do much for valentines os this will get me in the mood.
Chris =]