Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This is what I feel like doing today. I am actually going to take a
NAP here soon. Piper looks comfy, doesn't he? It is so rainy and cold out today. We are about to start building an Ark soon. I know we are lucky with just the rain. Temps. tomorrow in the 30's. I know one day it will change it it will be so hot. That's what usually happens. My yard need some serious attention. I really mean serious. Hubby's knee isn't doing well. We need a yard boy for sure.

I tried to take a picture of the RAIN. That didn't work so well.

This is K. Bug on her CRUTCHES with two of her friends. The other two didn't show up today. K. Bug was slow moving on her crutches today. I think they need to be adjusted, she shouldn't be so hunchy. We took K. and Goose to see Rio on Sunday. K. was flying on those babies then. It was a cute movie. I haven't seen these two girls as much as usual with all the things going on. Things are returning to some kind of norm now that my MOM is back in her home. She is doing okay. She is tough. There still are some concerns but her leg is doing well.

What a whirlwind of news lately. So many TORNADOS. My family in Huntsville have had the power restored. They are so lucky. Just don't know how people recover from such devastation.

The royal WEDDING was so wonderful. The tweenies at school are still all bubbly about the whole thing.

I have mixed feelings about the whole PAKISTAN thing. It just stirs up so many emotions.....wow.

I am counting down the days left at SCHOOL. The kids are off the wall. I had a girl tell another girl that she looked like a hairless siamese cat. Are you kidding me. I am thinking that I need to go back to taking care of babies. Everyone should spend a year with schoolagers so they appreciate all the TEACHERS out there. Not talking about me......

My GIVEAWAY..........I only had four comments on that post. So, all four people will get a set of my French caps......also a couple other bloggers.

Off for my nap...........and then off for another shift of tweeines. If you have sunshine your way, please send it to Ohio.


Sherri B. said...

We have some great blueprints from the 'Ark' we built if you'd like them, Ha! We can't seem to even dry out before the next rain.

Have a good rest, sounds like you need it. xo

Kimberly said...

A hairless siamese cat?? LOL Enjoy the rain and nap!! Sent your package out today. Be on the look out for it!

Anonymous said...

You and Piper have a nice nap. Sweet dreams. Hugs and nose kisses

Julie Harward said...

Yes, she is scrunched over a bit too much LOL ..it's been a good week! :D

La said...

I must have left the sun in Florida.

Are you going to the sale in Marysville this weekend? I missed Cindy's open house because I was thinking it was this week, too. I really need to get my head on straight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for visitng my blog today and becoming a follwer! The weatherman says we have four days of rain coming our way! :)
I love the rain just not the tornados that seem to come with them!

Lara said...

Thank you Debby very much for your words of support about my Artful Blogging article! We are finally going to get some good weather here in Illinois starting next week! I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!
Big Hugs,
Lara :)