Monday, May 9, 2011

Pay it forward......and Mothers Day

Look at all these cute things. Kimberly of Kimberly's Corner received a gift from Pay it Forward. She in turn picked someone that wanted to play along in this game of giving andying forward to someone else. She choose me.....yipee. She sent me this wonderful gifts of books, candy's flower napkins, garden gloves, birthday notes and recipe cards. I loved everything.
If you would like to receive a box of goodies from me all you have to do is leave a comment saying you would like to pay it forward as well. I will choose someone from the comments and send off your box of goodies. Don't be shy........just let me know you want to do this.

Okay a questions. When I go to my dashboard it comes up that I am not following any blogs. I can get to my blogs on Favorite Blogs I follow but I want my blogs back on the dashboard. What do I do.

Mothers Day......I love reading what everyone did on Mothers Day. Saturday I went to a National Scrapbook Day Crop. It was fun. I got to visit with a dear friend. I also got to spend time with my little friend Doodle. I got flowers from fun. Yesterday we got to be with my Mom and MIL, my cousin Jo's husband and her sister (my cousin). When we got home we got to visit with my son and his girls and our son that turned 25 yesterday. We squeezed alot in one day. But all in all it nice being with family.

Have a great week.


Sherri B. said...

I had the same problem this morning and tried everything, even shutting down my computer and restarting. I ended up having to keep my blog up and refreshed it to see what was new. It is working for me now so maybe they will have it fixed for you also. This happens to me often but never for more than a few minutes...who knows what it is all about. I will be interested to see if someone comes up with an answer.xo

Mic said...

I have seen the Pay it Forward mentioned on a few other blogs and was wondering how it worked. What a perfectly marvelous idea! I would LOVE to participate! How much fun could this be?! Even if you don't pick me, I think I may use this on my own blog, if that is ok. Thanks for considering me, whatever the outcome. Have a wonderful evening! Pam N.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I'm having the same problem...for a few days now...I have no idea how to fix it...I do what you are doing and go to other gal's blog list too...
I sure hope blogger fixes it!

Anonymous said...

Your Mother's Day was extra busy and extra special. How lovely!

Speaking of lovely...your pay it forward gift is outstanding! WOW, look at the goodies!

Sending warm ((((hugs))) to you!

PS...we went to an antique show in Littleton Sat. I'll post about it soon, but it's the first weekend of each month thru Oct. Perhaps you will be in CO then and we can meet there and SHOP!

Kimberly said...

Glad you liked your package! Love the pups sitting right next to everything!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I too have that crazy problem at times. I close out of the internet and get back in and that usually works.

I would love to be a part of Pay it Forward... what a great way to be in touch with bloggy friends.