Friday, April 29, 2011

Being a princess must be magical

What a magical day indeed. I hope you got to see some of the roral wedding. I got to see Kate and William meet at the alter and then I had to leave for 6:00 a.m. But I am just a working commander (?that sure looks wrong). But I got to see the vows and kiss when I got home. I expected that the whole thing would go on forever. Short and sweet but it gave me goosebumps.

Now, my pictures are of Disney Princesses on Ice. Gotta love the first one. Dancing Girl was actually in awe of the Bad Witch of Snow White. Sorry the pictures aren't very good. Hard to take pictures in a place like that.
As you see that my favorties were there. So excited to see Minnie, the 7 dwarfs, and OMG The Fairy Godmother.

I am praying for the tornado victims. The storms hit so close to my family members that live in
Alabama. They are all safe. My nephew's family was one mile from a neighborhood that was totalled. So sad about all the losses of life during these storms.

Last on my list, not near the importance of the wedding and tornados, but the rising prices of gas. Holy Smoke. This really bothers me. I drive a VW Bug and it costs me almost $50 to fillup. I live close to my job. My husband doesn't. I keep thinking of those that it takes $100 to fill up. Families that work distances away from home and have children in all kinds of activities. I really think that this is a burden to so many and it will truly impact the economy. I don't know why BUT this bothers me.

Oh, I just have to end on a up note. What did you think of Price Andrews' daughter's hat....the one with the bow.
Now that was funny.

Don't forget about my little giveaway in my last post.



Debby said...

Oh my gosh, I love that they left in that little car.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Debby,

What adorable pictures!!!


bj said...

Great photos, Debby.
I did watch every single minute of that beautiful wedding. Loved every minute of it. I think things are going to be ok again in the palace.:)

O, the price of gas is just awful. My kids have to travel a pretty good distance to school and's bad. Mr. Sweet and I went to only one vehicle last year...cutting our costs down so much...well, in half. We don't have to use a lot of gas and we are only 10 blocks from our super market. Mr. Sweet is looking for a bike to ride..(no kidding) to get just a few groceries.You know, milk and bread and such.

Princess and the Pea said...

I organised a wedding dress walk and huge party for the royal wedding in aid of the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. I wore my wedding dress again and walked form the church where I got married to the hall where I had my reception and then we all watched the wedding on the big screen. After that we had a British tea party, singer, comedian and a dance class! It was brilliant and I raised £1300 (about $2000 I think.)

We had loads of press interest, I was on the radio and might be on a documentary tomorrow!

I've put some video footage and photos on my blog if you're interested!


Princess and the Pea said...


Ps petrol in the uk is now up to £1.40 a litre, that's about $2.60 - what is it in the US? It was less than half the price in Canada!

Pam said...

I watched every last second of the wedding coverage. I was surprised at some of the hats that I saw. I guess we're just not used to hats here in Ohio. I did love Pippa's dress though. Wow!

Donna said...

Dear Debby, I ADORE those photos! It brought back so many memories of my visits to the 'ice capades' as a little girl with MY grandma. :o)

I have only seen photos of the wedding. Too much graduation party prep going on here I'm afraid. And hunting for medical papers to get Jacob into the Army reserve. Praying for miracles right now!

Yes, the gas situation is awful. We just have to quit driving. Thank goodness we have a little neon that gets really good gas mileage. We just tighten the belt in other areas. We've been living on the same income for years and it does get very hard with such a large family. Thank goodness..our last child is not 'in' to activites like the others. You are right--it's killer! Praying for relief!


PS.MY DIL in N. Carolina had tornadoes whip right through their neighborhood..but though she lost ALL of their trees--the house is fine and they are safe. Crazy weather!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Debby honey love the pictures of the Ice Capades especially the one with you and your beautiful granddaughter. Oh how I wish I could take mine places like this. Since Kaci is a diabetic I don't get to take her anywhere. I hate it for her and myself.
Gas prices got me so depressed the last time this happened I thought I was going to have a stroke about it. lol Since I live so far from my babies and then work too it really bothered me and for others that drive a long distance to work.
Sad how much profit these oil companies are still making yet the government is letting the rape us.
If I get started I will be on here all night.
I only caught the clips from the news of the royal wedding but they showed a whole lot. They made a very beautiful couple and I think they really do love each other which is what makes this a real fairy tale story.
You mentioned I won Flamingo Toes giveaway. I have not heard that I have to check it out and thanks for the heads up
Love ya