Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Fellow

Happy Birthday to my sweet grandson.
And is he ever a sweet boy. His Dad calls him Little Fellow. I have been calling him that on my blog. I think I will have to change that as he is now five years old. We now have 3 five year old grandchildren. So much fun.....they were all born six weeks apart.

These pictures were taken at his first flag football practice in the early Spring in Colorado. I was so excited to get to see him play. He loves sports. Twice during his practice he ran all the way over to give me a hug. Is that special or what. This Grammy loved that.

Hope you are all having a great week-end. We are being somewhat lazy, but that's okay, right. I think we are headed out to see a movie and have lunch out.

I am drawing for my giveway later today.
Not too late to enter.

Make this a happy day.


Nan said...

You are truly blessed to have these lovely children. We have 2 grandsons and how fast they grow up with one starting college this year and the other in the USCG. Our son and his wife didn't have children.

pogonip said...

That's my favorite age--old enough to play sports but not too old to give hugs!