Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giveaway Winner

And the winner is:
MeMeSue. Her blog is Lil of This Lil of That. . Congratulations Sue. Sue also has 6 grandchildren (with one on the way) just like me (minus the one on the way). This is what she said........
Cottage Charm to me is that feeling when you walk into your house.....look around and say.....oh.....this is my home. It's like a hug! Warm and inviting.
She coulsn't have described it better. I know that my home isn't a mansion and is very lived in.
But it does feel like a ((((((HUG))))) when I walk in.
Thanks to all that entered. Love hearing what cottage means to you. Please stop over to see Sue. Sue please send me your mailing address.

1 comment:

MeMeSue said...

How exciting!! I'm so thankful to have been picked!