Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The girls and their Mama and Dad came for a cookout on Memorial Day. The only out part was the cooking. It was so hot out and unbearable. Remember I am the one who loves winter and not the heat.

Goose looks a bit onery in this picture, while K. Bug is trying to pose for me.

I love these blue mason jars. I don't know what it is.........I think it is the beautiful color. What do you think of this tablecloth. My friend has curtains made out of this fabric. I admire those curtains every time I see them. She had a couple of panels that must have been her "oops" sooooo she gave them to me.
Not sure what I will do with them. They won't work as curtains for me.......I like this one as a table cloth.

Four more days of school....yippee.

This afternoon I had a blow out. I remember a ssssssss sound and I hit the curb.
Not sure what was first. I put a huge whole in the tire. I drove a little ways and pulled over at the college.
A couple of trucks cursed at me because I had stopped.
Nice, huh, One guy got out unwillingly and decided he didn't want to change it. My boss did come and get me so I wouldn't be late for work. Since I work at the same school my son teaches at, I asked him to help. He did. He changed it in all the heat with both of these little girls in tow. So nice to have some family close.
I thought back to five years ago that the same son was in the hospital with kidney failure (he is fine now) and his wife and newborn had a flat in 90 degree heat. Hubby and I went to the rescue. Hubby was so red faced for hours after changing that tire.

Okay moving on and chillin out in the A.C. and all is well.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm giving it a try to see if this posts. If not, it's email!

Sorry about the blow out. But lucky for you that you were rescued.

I love your tablecloth...curtains would be TOOO much, I think! But with those jars full of flowers, your table is a happy place!

Thanks for coming over to keep me from being lonely! It's been so quiet! And I'm addicted to Blogging!

Keep that A/C rolling. We had the heat on this morning.

Julie Harward said...

I love those jars too, they are pretty with anything in them! Love your two cuties here..double cuteness for sure! :D

Lola Nova said...

What cute girls! I have some of those blue masons that were my grandmothers. I love the color and they look so nice with flowers in them.
Thank goodness you finally got some help with your blow out, no fun!

Oh, I think that curtain looks fab as a table cloth!

Becky Shander said...

It's nice that your son was able to come to your rescue. And cute tablecloth...I can see using this fabric to make an apron too.

pogonip said...

Less than a week of school left for me--yippee! My summer list is a mile long :)

Darling girls, love the fabric as a tablecloth, jealous of your blue jars!

Kimberly said...

Your two grandchildren are such cuties! Have you done "pay it forward" yet on here?

Laurie said...

Hi, Debby, I enoyed visiting your blog this morning - it almost seems odd to read about the heat you are having when we are finally having warm weather after a very wet and cool spring so far.

As far as my eyes and thyroid, I was recently told by my eye doctor that he sees that a lot with patients who have thyroid problems. But with the chiari mal., it is hard for me to know what is causing the problems - perhaps both. I have double vision as well as the near-sightedness and astigmatism getting worse!

I look forward to visiting your blog again - you have a beautiful family!

Donna said...

Wow Debby..glad you are safe. And the girls are just too cute!

I love that blue glass..totally!!


Gina said...

Your tablecloth is so pretty (perfect for a dish lover like me) & I love the colors too. The mason jars are great!

Cindy said...

I love that as a tablecloth..it is so cute!What kind of flowers are those..they are so pretty.
I am looking for blue mason jars..love them!!

The girls are so cute!!Sorry about your flat..I hate having others help me..I am so independent.

Come by this week for a surprise..you might want to do it..if not I will understand.

Hugs and miss you..I promise to call soon.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Sue said...

Well, I love blue/white, so of course I'm going to like your tablecloth and jars, Debby! Some people are just guardian angels in disguise and obviously- those truck drivers weren't! Never have experienced a blow-out before, you were lucky you weren't out on the highway at a high speed! Stay cool, toots. hugs, Sue

Relyn said...

What precious little ones. So very lovely.