Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey There

Just peeking in on you. I was wondering if you have signed up for my Cottage Charm Giveaway.
All you have to do is be a follower and tell me what you think of when you think of Cottage Charm in your home. You can go back to my last post to see the pictures of my giveway.
A name will be chosen on May 29th......that is coming up fast. Check out the other things being given away. Good luck.
So what's been happening here at Cozy Blanket......... well there is only 8 days of school left, but who is counting. Today a first grader had to get stitches right when he lined up to go to his class room. He sure was a brave one. Then this afternoon we had a visit from the state inspector. The inspection went well except for the fact one of the kids had something to tell the inspector. He told her that the teachers needed to wear hair nets as all the food we serve had hairs in it. Really? She thought it was so funny.....I did not.
Yesterday I took my Mom back to the surgeon. What should have been three hours of driving was at least 6. When a major outerbelt closes down it sure messes up a whole city. (Columbus, Ohio) I felt like I circled the city all day long.
Anyhow the doctor told my Mom that she was healing twice as fast as normal. He had worried about her leukemia cells showing up in her bone biopsy......he shook his head and said guess that isn't a problem.
Amazing isn't she.
These terrible storms.........praying for all these displaced families. So awful. Our TV just showed a live tornado as it was on the ground in Oklahoma. I have never seem that before. I hope that all of you are safe and that your loved ones are as well.
Okay enough news on my front........and it's only Tuesday.
Stay safe.


Barbara said...

We're under flash flood warnings, tornado warnings etc. right now. Hope it doesn't come close. I pray for all those in Joplin who were hit by the tornado. So sad.


Donna said...

Dear Debby, Those storms are just awful aren't they? We aren't having any but I feel so sad for those who are.

I'm so glad your mom is doing well even while fighting leukemia. What a trooper! And you are a wonderful daughter!

I'm enjoying the grandkids today. :o)

Julie Harward said...

Good to hear about you..and these hurricanes are so awful, my heart just aches for these poor people and what they are going through!