Thursday, March 18, 2010

This isn't a great picture but the photographer is very cute.  She takes all kinds of pictures with my camera.
Okay now a little story about myself........
One thing I didn't mention on my profile was that I am a cancer survivor.  I had a form of sarcomas in my leg.  I had three surgeries, no chemo and no radiation.  My kind of cancer is more common in young children and actually quite rare.  Wondering how long I have been cancer free------20 years and one month.  Cancer changed my life in so many ways. 
The morning after my second surgery (first surgery I was misdiagnosed) I woke up crying.  I didn't realize that my husband was still home and the our three children were already off to school.  He came into the bedroom and asked what was wrong.  I said, " I just feel like something is wrong."  He said, "There is something wrong, the doctor called last night after you fell asleep and said that you have cancer."  The first thing I said was, "But I want to have grandkids."  Well I survived and now have 6 beautiful unique little grandchildren.  God is so good.
When I was diagnosed I was selling real estate.  I couldn't handle adults for awhile.  I felt they were having a hard time dealing with me having cancer and I didn't want to talk about it all the time.  I went to work in a day care.  I would rock those babies and forget my troubles.  My husband was my rock.  I couldn't make decisions and he took over.  I healed and began my new life.  While working at that day care I met a little boy that needed a home.....he moved into our home less than one year after my last surgery.  I also had always wanted to be a clown.  I knew I needed laughter in my laugh SO I went to ClownTown and learned to be a clown.  I also went back to college and got a degree in Early Childhood.  I had loved children all my life and this was the greatest therapy ever. 
I honestly can't believe it has been 20 years.  I am thankful for all 20 of those wonderful years.  So there you have cancer story.

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Junebug said...

Congrats on 20 years and many more to go. I would love to see you as a clown. Here's hoping for more laughter in your life and every ones!