Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stranger Danger

My daughter was worried about Snow White being too friendly with strangers.  I told her it was in her genes.  My daughter and I are very friendly.  Well a Stranger Danger kit was ordered.  They practiced with Snow White about what to do if a stranger talks to her or tries to take her.  You may be thinking right now what I was thinking when she told me about the practicing.  My daughter had Snow White and her baby brother in a store.  S. W. wanted something and Mom said , "No."  As they left the store with Snow White mad and under Mom's arm, out came the words, " You are not my Mother."  The clerk asked what she had said and my daughter explained.  Of course Grammy thought this was very funny and had expected this to happen.  Pretty smart for a 3 year old to know when to use this new knowledge.

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