Monday, March 22, 2010

My week-end

My week-end was full of sunshine, little people and mostly fun.  Not much sleep, esp. during the sleepover.....the littles built a house within my house....see the mess.  My sweet Yorkie took off.  She heard children playing and went to visit.  I think she didn't know her way home.  I looked for an hour and then began to shake all over. A neighbor a couple streets over said she walked into their garage.  Not sure who she belonged to, they took off in search  for the green VW bug that they heard had been circling looking for their dog.  That was me.  She has never done that before.  She was wagging that little tail when she saw me.  I said, "At least she got to ride home in a Caddie, hah."
Last night I discovered a hole in my tooth.  It was a crown that had to be opened for a root canal.  I wouldn't think it should hurt but it does.  I am going away in a week.....this wasn't in my plans.
This morning Piper chewed up my husband's shoe strings before he left for work.  Oh my, he is chewing up everything.
Only one little today and it's raining and dark.  A friend just called and we are meeting her for lunch.
Have a good week everyone.

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