Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disney Live

Goose and Grammy went on a special date.  I had taken her sister K. Bug and Doodle two years ago.  Grampy took us so we could have valet service....that was great.  We went out for lunch first but Goose wouldn't eat.....too excited.  We had "nose bleed" seats but could still see well.  Goose loves Daisy Duck but she didn't make the tour.  When Minnie came out, Goose wanted out of the aisle to go see right now.  I had to tell her that Minnie could see her from the stage and was waving to her.  She wanted to show Minnie that she had dressed like her.  I wore my flashing lights Mickey Ears, Mickey Crocs, and Mickey t-shirt.  Yes, I really did.  Last time I went I did the same.  One lady (older) looked at me in a shocked kinda way and said OMG.  This time I got alot of smiles.  I wish I could show you Goose's face as she is adorable but Dad says no.  In this picture she has one boot (rubber pink flowered ones) and one bare foot.  The other picture she took of Grampy and I at the restaurant.  We had so much fun.  Just seeing her face light up was so worth it.  She went to Disney World when she was 18 months old and still remembers it.  Her bedroom is about about the characters.  There are many Daisy's everywhere.
I am already planning special days with the other grandchildren.

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