Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miss my favorite magazines

Last year five of my favorite magazines went out of print.  I was sad and still depressed about it.  I so miss Home Companion,  Country Home, Wondertime, Simple Scrapbooks, and Cottage Living.  I still get Country Living but I can read the whole magazine in an hour.  My house is alot better off as I had magazines everywhere.  I so miss Mary Emmerling and Mary Engelbriet.  Mary Engelbriet is having an an amazing  Home Companion Workshop in her home state.  You get to meet here and do all kinds of neat things, including seeing her studio.  I can't go but sure wish I could.  Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a magazine .  House Beautiful caught my eye.  The cover looked so different than before.  I  sometimes buy it when I am flying.  Usually the style is just not me and I get offended when they list prices on some of their advertisements that are so out there.  WELL,  I loved the cover.  Still lots of advertising and some of those high price items....geez $8,000 for a table.  (They don't know about junking)  At the same time there is a pillow I love from target for $15.  I struggle with what my style is.  After recently having my home on the market for 6 months and having to de-personalize,  I am really having a rough time.  Inside this magazine are some wonderful rooms.  A little country, little cottage, little rustic....some very neat things.  Still amazed at the contents and how they have changed,  I read the credits (not sure that is what you call it) and low and behold MARY EMMERLING was listed as a contributing editor.  Now I see has her style.  Okay, sorry if I bored you.  Maybe that bump on the head yesterday did something to me.  Take a look at this I don't work for them, hah.  Happy Day.


pogonip said...

I feel exactly the same way--so many of my favorite magazines have disappeared. I get my decorating fix from blogs now!

Debby said...

I meant to mention that - FOR SURE!

Nan said...

yes some of those magazines were my favorites too. I have two boxes of Home Companion in the basement, what shall I do with them? I shipped them here in 01 from CA.
I'm with you on the $8000. table. I think that is for folks who have so much money they just need to spend a lot. Now as for those pups, they stay pups different lengths of time depending on the breeds. You'll have to read up on that on the net and see for your breed what they say. Nan