Thursday, March 25, 2010

I call it white instead of gray

I think it's white, don't you?   Well the back is grey striped in blue, my granddaughter says.  Hah, I like that.  I finally decided to stop coloring my hair about ten years ago.  I started in my very early 20s because of those white hairs.  It got so that coloring wasn't covering.  I guess my hair was resistant.  I also had an awakening.  How many ladies my age actually have "yellow" blonde hair.  Against my hairdresser's advice (she said that I wasn't going to like it) I gradually went natural.  I used temporary hair coloring and kept getting my hair cut a little shorter each time.  It was really easier than you would think.  After the coloring was gone, I liked it.  My hair dresser even liked it.  Sometimes it makes me feel old and I think about coloring it.  I am sure it does make me look older but I am okay with that.  (I think)  I've been told I look like Paula Deen.  Maybe with her makeup artist and a little airbrusing.  But once at a playground this little girl kept looking at me.  Then she said, 'You look like Paul Deen."  She was do five year olds know P.D.
I was going to post a picture of me with this bunny but forgot about the black eye.  This is an older picture of me - no make-up and wild mountain hair.  (My hair does strange things in high altitude)
Note the little chicken in the wire cage.....this has been an obsession with the littles.  They all WANT it and I find it in some strange places.

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