Monday, March 29, 2010

Headed for the mountains

I leave tomorrow for the Rocky Mountains.  Two of my children live there and their families.  I can't wait to see Snow White, Little Fella, Babes and Baby Q.  (Ages 3, 3, 1, and almost 4 months)  It is so hard being so far away from them.  I miss them so much.  I try to get out there every three months or so.  It seems to get longer between visits in this economy....just not fair.  I"m going solo, so will miss those I leave behind.  Hoping for a little sunshine and  no more snow.  It really doesn't matter as I just want to soak up as much of those sweeties as possible.
Today, instead of packing,  I went with my son and K. Bug and Goose to see my Mom.  It's about a 90 minute drive.  The girls rode in the way back.  After about an hour they started to think we would never get there.  K. Bug said, "How do you think it feels to be all tied up back here."  Hah
We had a good visit.  Great Grandma gave the girl Zu Zu pets.  They loved having a new one to play with.  Before we left,  my Mom's dog bit my hand.  Nasty, nasty bite.  My Mom's dog weighs 5 lbs. I know you are laughing but you should see what she did.
Well rushing to pack, do laundry, finish things up before I leave in the morning.  So excited........

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pogonip said...

Have a wonderful visit--love the Rockies although I prefer the wildflowers to the snow. But the kidlets make it all worthwhile! I'm kinda hoping Spring Break brings me a visit with my son and his family!

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