Sunday, December 30, 2012

Swapping across the pond

These wonderful gifts are from Margie of Margie's Little Blue House in the United Kingdom.  You see alot of swaps that ask if you would ship international.  I must admit I didn't know what the cost was.  When Margie joined my Cup of Kindness Swap, I took her name (yes, I had two names).  I was afraid that others would be worried about the cost.  The cost was probably only $2 more than shipping in the US.  I got to know Margie a little better.  I asked her if there was anything she wanted from the US that she couldn't find.  She had a stamp that she had really wanted.  I was able to send that to her with her other little gifts.  She was so excited.
I was excited to receive her lovely package.  Are you all just wishing you had this tin and coffee cut........isn't it the best take on the Keep Calm theme.    And from the UK no less.  The owl is a bookmark......I love owls.  A little paper envelope that had different sleeves in it.  The sleeves held rubber stamps.  Very cute hat pins in a special made tag.  Body oil, lotion and special soap.  All things I have never seen.  Then that chocolate thingie.......oh my.  There were mini marshmallows and this big ole chocolate block that you stir into the milk to make the most delicious hot chocolate ever. Then there was the prettiest rose knitted (I think ) flower. That's a post card of where Margie lives.  Guess what, it is near where Harry Potter was from in the movie.  So if you ever doubt swapping overseas.......just go for it.  There are wonderful people over across this pond between us.  Thanks a bunch Margie.  Margie has the most beautiful little dogs.  Adorable.  She does amazing paper crafts.......you have to go see.......  http://MargiesBlueHouse.blogspot.com/


NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful bag of goodies, Debby! What fun- I shipped one little thing to Austrailia when I first started blogging and it was $30+. That was regular post, too. Crazy rates. Glad to know it is not so much going to the UK.

Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

VintageBettys said...

How sweet is that :) I love the little bookmark!

Laurie said...

what beautiful gifts! Happy New Year to you!!

Susie said...

Great gifts. I did check out Margie'
s blog...she's the crafty one..loved her cards. Debby, I am wishing you a Happy New Year, for all of you. xoxo,Susie

Celestial Charms said...

What sweet things you received. Love that paper owl bookmark. Lovely!

Miss Kitty-Kelly Thomas said...

Hi Debby...so glad you are feeling better! Love your wonderful gift from the UK. The owl bookmark is sooo cute! Take good care dear!Wishing you a Happy 2013!

Many Hugs and Purrs,
Loretta & Miss Kitty

Margie said...

Thanks for letting me join in Debby and for sending some lovely people my way. Wishing you and yours everything that is best for 2013 - won't be long now. Love, Margie x

Cheryl said...

What great treasures.... I've done an over seas swap, mine cost an arm and a leg lol.. I sent a lot!

Kimberly said...

what a cute little package of goodies. How sweet. I will head and check out her blog.

Happy New Year, dear friend!

Eugenia Robinson said...

Hey, cutie pie.....I loved this post. We really have made some wonderful friends because of our blogs....YOU included at the top of my list. Lov ya....g

Cozy Little House said...

I will go visit her.

Gina said...

What wonderful gifts! Enjoy!


Your Christmas photos made me smile! What a wonderful one you and yours had!
Great gifts from afar! Guess I should go for it sometime!
Happy New Year!

Julia said...

Nice little package but I don't know how much it cost you to send your package to the UK or even for Maggie to send you her package.
My daughter lives in Scotland and shipping a package to her is outrageous expensive.

I was checking Canada Post to ship in Scotland UK and for a small package of 5 inches long, 4 inches wide and 4 inches high would cost $94.59 and then you have to declare the value for custom and the axes on top of this.
The base price is $81.90 and they add a fuel surcharge of $12.69 for a total of $94.59 plus there are taxes and possibly duty on the value of the package.
I sent a calendar to my daughter and it cost me a lot of money so we don't exchange gifts unless she comes home for Christmas.

Enjoy your little treasures. I really like the cup.


E said...

How fun to swap with Marge glad the shipping went well, what fun gifts Love that you got her the stamp she wanted. Hope you are feeling better Happy New Year xo Elaine

Relyn Lawson said...

I just wanted to pop by and wish you the happiest new year. May your 2013 be full of blessings, laughter, and happy surprises. Thank you for being a blog friend and a joyful part of my life.

RetroSandie said...

What a super fun surprise!! Don't you get all tickled when you receive something from the UK? Or from any long distance blog spot??!!! I DO!!!