Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas Ladder/Swaps and Gifts/ Kitchen Shelf

Blogger switched my photo.  Silly Blogger.
My kitchen shelf.  I left the originals there and just added the manager and a couple angels.
Glass jars and sparkly houses
From my friend Genie, for "just because".  She wanted to send the book that she had for me from the book swap that we did awhile ago.  The book is an old library copy of stories of Heidi.  That's my daughters name and yes I named her for Shirley Temple in the movie Heidi.  This book will be a special one for me.  She sent a heart garland that she made, a cute little snowman necklace, and some sweet photo cards that she makes.  Genie has a photography blog called, "Climbing the Digital Mountain"  We became friends a long time ago because we both loved ME. (Not me but ME)
Now these goodies can from a secret Santa swap.  There are some Yorkie note cards, some coasters that you put pictures in, and a calendar with the same little Yorkie.......hmmmmm I think that she took the pictures in the calendar.  If so she is a good photographer.  There were lots of flowers and this cutie pie deer.  She must have been reading my blog to know that I have a Yorkie and lots of pictures that need a home.  And since I can't remember what day it is.....I need a calendar.  Thanks Secret Santa.......Love the gifts.
I have promised Mr. Cozy that I would limit my time on here due to my headaches.  I spent the day in the ER yesterday and got a really nice nap there after they gave me some meds.  I was sent there from Urgent Care for a scan.  Nope, they didn't do a scan.  So I slept there and came home and slept til morning.  Still have a headache but think I am just stuck with it for awhile.  It has been a year since I had the marathon migraine.  It's been over a week now.....hopefully soon it will go away.  Just makes you grumpy, dizzy and feel like not doing anything.  I have been in the house for over 10 days other than one 15 minute run to the store a week ago....and then yesterday to the ER.  I am ready to get out but not behind the wheel.
There are so many out there that are really sick and need prayers.  Please add Karen and Gene to your list.  They are battling cancer in a very serious way. 
Okay, over and out of here.


E said...

Heavens ! If I had a headache for that long I'd be more than fussy and grumpy ... I sure hope it goes away soon ... still battling germs etc here in TN xoxo E

Kimberly said...

oh feel better Debby!!

I love thoe note cards.

Julia said...

I would be really worried if I ever got a bad headache that is as bad as your.
I hope that they find out what is causing those headaches. Some food sensitivities or something more serious.

I'll pray for relief. Your swap friends are really coming through. Take care,

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I get headaches in the middle of the night sometimes..throbbing ones. I think it has to do with knots in my neck that I get from stress. I had one yesterday as a matter of fact. My darn foot is not any better either. I am getting a steroid shot in heel on Friday.....ok, ok...we're getting older. Sometimes it's not too pleasant is it? I hope your feeling better soon Debby. ~Hugs, Patti

Kathleen Grace said...

I'm so sorry about your headache, that can be so draining! I have found that a good hot shower sometimes gives me some relief.
I love the ladder! What a cute idea for your Christmas card display. I've seen all kinds of cute uses for them online. Hope you feel better soon.

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I like the ladder. Glad it's growing on Mr Cozy. The kitchen shelves with the vintage pottery look great with the angels nd manger scene. Take care of yourself, you don't want a marathon headache.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Debbie, my heart goes out to you...I have only had them for a few hours, and that is bad. I sincerely hope that it goes away soon.


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

That is a long way to go for a nap!! Hope you are feeling much better soon. That sweet little yorkie face will help. :)

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Your ladder looks too cute! But oh I'm so sorry that you are dealing with the long headache! I can't imagine what that would be like.
Praying that it ends NOW!
Erica :)

Gina said...

I love the idea of using the ladder for Christmas cards! Very clever!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

That kind of a headache sounds like no fun! I'm glad your secret Santa is taking care of you! Sweet little gifts. I hope you get to feeling better!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your migraines. I get them occasionally, and I know how they can just wipe a person out. Take care and feel better soon, Debby!

middle child said...

Sorry you are suffering severe headaches. I can't even imagine. I bought an old wood ladder that I was going to lean up against a wall and hang magazines from. But what you have done with yours has inspired me. So cool! And speaking of Heide.....I don't remember which parent but one of them wanted to name me Heide and one strongly did not. I would have loved that name!

Perfectly Printed said...

Oh my gosh, a headache for a week?? Take care of yourself!!! Love your Christmas ladder!


Simply Debbie said...

Dear Debbye
Thank you for stopping by. I will add the two people you talked about to my prayer list.
I love your ladder with the lights...such a darling idea.
I will pray for your migraines. My daughter and I both use to suffer from them. They would come on suddenly with intense pain that in both our cases we threw up from the could still feel it the next day.
Mine went away but are coming back...Amy is with the Lord, so I know she is walking in divine health.
Have a wonderful day.

Creative Breathing said...

Debby, Your cup from Vivian is wonderful! What a fun swap. Thank you again for hosting. I love your ladder idea! I think my husband would like it as well. I'll be on the look out. Wishing you a White Christmas with all of my fingers crossed! Elizabeth

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Debby, So sorry that you can't get rid of your headache. I just read that 2 glasses of Gatorade will help to relieve headache pain...if you can stand the taste, it might be worth a try. Your ladder is so cute, and so sweet of Mr. Cozy to play along...that's what I call my husband's cooperation on unusual projects;-). Be well my friend, hope you are soon back to your usual busy and happy self. Love, Penny

ImSoVintage said...

So sorry about your headache, Debby. Going to the ER is no fun, but I'm glad you were able to get some sleep.Shirley Temple in Heidi was one of my favorites.

Feel better,

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Debby, I pray for healing for you. That the pain and suffering is ended and you can have a joyful time with no pain. Bless you sweet lady!!

Christian said...

There are some Yorkie note cards, some coasters that you put pictures in, and a calendar with the same little Yorkie...