Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday Funnies

The pictures don't really have alot to do with the Friday Funnies.    My cutie girls.  Not sure what those hand gestures are but it is all in good taste.  The second picture is actually the first.  Goose was not happy about something.  My how things change on a dime.
Okay some funnies:
Two out of four days I have been late to the bus stop with Gabby.  (I did get her brother there on the early pickup 2 out of 2)  Not my fault I must add........once caught us running down our drive and the bus going by.  He saw me and backed up.  Such a sweet driver.  Then yesterday I had to take my son to the doctor.  Then we had to wait for his Rxs.  I didn't know what would be best....drop her off at school or come home and meet the bus.  Well, I choose the latter.  The bus was leaving down the street.  Here I am in my bug with my big son with a patch on his eye trying to get the driver to stop.......he looks confused but finally stopped.  Once again, what a nice driver.
That whole doctor thing threw me off.  My son had scratched the corneas of both eyes.  Because he is on disability and has a medical card no one would see him but our family doctor.  That angers me. It also angers me how I am treated when I call and ask if they will see him.   
We decided to do a drive thru for lunch to waste time waiting on his eye drops.  I ordered and then pulled up to the window.  They guy handed me the first drink but didn't know if it was the diet one or the regular one.  Then when he handed me the food he looked away when he handed it and it almost, I mean almost, dropped to the ground.  Sandwiches were smashed and I gave him an angry face.  Then pulling away I drove over the curb.  Grrrrrr
Okay we got the eye drops and the eye patch.  I knew that my son would be so excited about that.  He wondered if I still had his Halloween pirate costume.  He was serious.  He did look like a bad dude in this patch.  You see he is a very big guy.  I am sure that is why the bus driver hesitated.
Okay,moving on.
My husband's sister is out of town.  When she goes away we are on call for his mother.  She send us a message from her Kindle (didn't know you could do that) saying that she flushed the toilet at the airport and plop her phone fell in and was gone.  Sorry, but we did think it was funny.  I will remember not to have my phone in my pocket when I fly.
We were watching the vice presidential debate.  I said to my husband that someone was going to have to potty after drinking all that water.  He laughed and said he had just thought the same.  Okay, not saying this to take a side.  I so appreciate that we bloggers try hard not to bring that into our posts.  But, he was really drinking alot of water.
We had a mouse in the house.  The trap exploded, sounded like the mouse did a flip flop.  I tried to wake Mr. Cozy but he didn't stir (no one was stirring not even a mouse, hah).  So all night I kept thinking about the mouse and couldn't sleep. I hope he didn't have any cousins.  We will set another trap tonight.
I have had a dry wall man here 4 out of the five days.  He's a jolly ole guy.  I know about his whole family now.  He is fixing the hole in the wall and ceiling that happened after the leaking roof repair.  Maybe this could be why my week has been a little off.
Not much planned for the week-end.  Goose's soccer game and going to see the moms' on Sunday.  It will be a beautiful trip with the leaves being so colorful.
I hope you all have a colorful week-end with a few funnies .


E said...

What a blessing you are to those around you ! Too bad we aren't neighbors we'd sure have alot to talk about over the fence ! :)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh my, sounds like you have had a busy week. Hope your son's eyes get better quickly. We haven't had a mouse in many years (knock wood) but our daughter had one in her apartment last year. She was very brave and set the trap, caught the mouse, and even emptied the trap. I thought she might have to call her brother or someone else to dispose of the dead mouse, but she handled it on her own. I think she had gotten really fed up with it eating her food!

Junebug said...

What a week you have had. I'm exhausted trying to keep up on your post so I know you must be. I'm hoping your son's eye heals fast and that buggers at the drive through!! Try to relax this weekend!! Hugs!!

Julia said...

Wow Debby, you are having quite a time with everything this week. I hope that you can find time for something fun again and that your son's eyes heals.

I don't like rude and selfish people who give poor service, especially when they are paid to serve the customers with a smile. They must be very unhappy people.

I can sympathize with you with the mouse. Horrible when you can hear them but can't catch them and yes, when they look for a warm place to move in they bring their cousins in, lol...
Hope that the weekend is a relaxing one for you.


Nan said...

Hi Debby and a Happy Birthday for yesterday to you.
Yep life happens and this is good you are dealing with it.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I enjoyed reading everything that's going on in your world right now! So sorry that it's not all fun and games though! How on earth did he scratch BOTH corneas?
The girls are darling! Something about that Goose gets me every time...she's a cutie!
Erica :)

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Debby, When do you rest? Your plate is full my friend. Take a little time for yourself this weekend, you deserve it! Love, Penny

Pam @ Frippery said...

Ah life, never know what's coming around the bend so we just have to keep laughing! You are one busy lady caring for all those around you. Don't forget to take care of you too. I would love to meet up again soon for lunch. Hugs, Pam

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Debbie, sounds like you have had a trying week. And sorry to focus on this but the thought of a mouse in the house, and all of it's cousins would keep me awake all night

You need a cat.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams