Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to my son

Today is my son's birthday.  Here he is coaching Goose's soccer team.  You can't see her in this picture.
Goose did alot of posing for me on this game day.  She moved so much they all came out blurry.  She's pretty good.  She scored 4 goals on Saturday.
Grampy confined to the bench because of his sore hip.  Goose  needed a Grampy hug.  Ooops, I forgot this was a birthday post for my son.  Goose, gets me sidetracked.
My son is a special ed teacher, a great father, husband and son.  He is the second child but the oldest of my three boys.  He has always been a charmer to everyone that meets him.  I told him I get sick of hearing how everyone "just loves him."  Hah, not really but it was good for a laugh between the two of us.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

He sounds like a fine man. Good job, Mom!

Nan said...

Hi Debby cruising by checking up on you and your crafting and grands. Nan

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Debby's son!

Maggie M said...

Happy Birthday to your son sweet Debby. Sweet pictures! hugs

Gina said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday to your son.

Goose loves to pose for her favorite grandma.Congratulation to her for scoring 4 goals.

Have a great October month.