Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My annual candle safety warning

Just a friendly reminder on candle safety.
A couple years ago I went to blow a candle out that had been burning most of the day. There was alot of melted wax in the glass container. Somehow when I blew on the candle the flame went back into the wax and hot wax just exploded burning my face and my eyes and all over the table. Trust me, I looked pretty bad for about a week. I still have some small scars but overall I was lucky. So please be careful blowing out your candles.
This candle experience I cringe even to tell you. I was watching a 3 year old (Doodle) and a baby that just turned 1. I put candles in donuts to celebrate the babies birthday. I lit the candle for the 3 year old but not the baby. That three year old is the one with the long red hair in the picture above. I went to take a picture and the next thing I knew her hair caught on fire. I reacted quickly and clapped it out immediately. In the photo I had just taken there was a wild strand of hair sticking out that must have caught the flame. I am such a careful person and couldn't believe this happened. I tried all day to get up the nerve to tell her parents and I kept getting cold feet. When they both got home from work the dad asked if the mom had told me that she was trimming the dogs ear the night before and cut a big gash out of his ear. So that was my open door. Of course they thought it was funny and every birthday since it always comes up. Those that hadn't heard the story are quite shocked. So the moral of this story is......be really careful when lighting those birthday candles with little girls and long hair. (It was only a strand and it didn't even singe it..... but there was a flame instantly.....I was fast( trust me) to react)

Side note. Today I picked up China Girl at pre-school. She refused to hold my hand and was running to the car. She wiped out falling flat on her back in the mud. I was right behind her and tripped but was able to jump over her and not fall. Surprising if you know how unbalanced I always am. She was covered with mud. I had a towel in the car and just told her to sit on it til we got home. She never cried which helped alot. So me and my Motley Crew headed for home in the VW Bug.
Not all that happened today.......I didn't yield in the cross walk and I always do. I didn't see a friend of mine crossing. I was already through when I saw her on the other side of the cross walk. I stopped and yelled that I was sorry and we laughed. Then someone almost sidewacked me a little later. I said outloud, "What the heck are you doing".....except I didn't say heck. Ooops, sorry Olivia I hope you won't tell your mom........but then I told her anyway. I am glad this day is over.
There is SNOW in the forecast, yippee.
Cindy and I are in a challenge to get our decorating done and posted by Thursday. Don't tell her but I had most of it done before she challenged me........she was out of state and I was home all week-end.
Okay I will move on for now. I didn't mean to be so wordy.........but please be careful out there with those candles.


Sue said...

Debby, I think we all have a story or two about candles~ I'll have to tell you mine next time we meet. Too long to tell here. Glad you didn't hit your pal or that you didn't get hit, either. Be careful!!! And tell Annabelle to be nice. She IS a pistol! Snow~ it is coming down as I look out the window. I have 5 trees up! yea House is a wreck and so am I. I need wine! LOL

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness Debby! You have had your share of scary events! Thanks for the warning about the candles....you can never be too careful! Watch your footing if it snows!~Hugs, Patti

Sherri B. said...

Thanks Debby for taking the time to warn us about the candles. One can never be too careful and your stories prove that. - Good luck on your challenge! xo

Nan said...

I don't have any candle stories no problems there. Of course I rarely have candles lit, they are not safe around kids I determined from your story perhaps a good thing I don't use them.
We have a storm coming in here too just starting it's suppose to be a good one.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the candle tips. I love candles and burn many. Let us know if you get some snow and hope tomorrow is a better day.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Debby,
That is a good reminder...and OUCH!!
It's a good thing you have tomorrow and that will be a better day than today!
Thanks fof the kind comment about my hanky mantle :)
Have FUN decorating and have a GREAT TOMORROW!
Deb :)

Gina said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the reminder, Debby.

Jo said...

Thanks for the reminder abt candles. It snowed this evening..I'm really not ready for it...

Heather said...

Thanks for the reminder, Debby. I am quite terrified of fire and prefer the new battery operated candles instead!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for the reminder to be more careful..I need to always be thinking about what I am doing. Love your tree! ;D

Debbie said...

Thanks Debby for the reminder about candles. I have never had a experience like that, and I am grateful!!
Also thank you for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. Meant the world to me.
I live in the Dayton area and it started snowing right about sunset. I was decorating outside my front door for Christmas and it started.

God Bless~

just call me jo said...

Yes, a friend burned her whole house down when they left advent candles burning and went to church. Yikes! You make me feel better about my "accidents." (My husband calls klutzy. Well...yes, I am.) Stay safe and sane.

Julia said...

A long time ago, my young daughter's hair caught on fire holding a candle around the alter with other children. It was a special occasion I believe around Easter.
As I looked on behind the glass where mothers and young children could see beside the alter. I was holding a small baby in my arm when all of a sudden I saw a flame and puff of smoke in the air. Thank goodness that an adult standing beside her immediately tapped her bangs and she didn't got burned but it could have been much worst.

A neighbor two houses up from our house left an unattended candle burning and barely got himself and his family out in the snow. The house burnt down to the ground and everything in it, including his renovations.

Take care and I hope nothing else happens to scare you again. Stay safe. JB

Tricia said...

Oh my, that is such a good reminder about the candles. I'm rather paranoid about that sort of thing since I have kids, so sometimes I just use those flameless battery ones.

Cindy said...

Debby I am so sorry you had a lousy day. Mine was okay until I was in the storage room...and dummy me..moved a big box...not realizing...others were depending on it...yeah me on my back...with several boxes and a wooden chair on me....and no phone. After crying and being mad....it was quite funny...sorta of...got out..one box is crushed..oh well. The girls are going to help me go thru all I packed up and I am going to simplifiy the storage room. And will always carry my phone...next time I will call you...Debby help I can't get up.....lol

Hugs Cindy...on for tomorrow!!