Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grammy visits Colorado

I am home again after a week in Colorado. So much fun visiting my 4 grandchildren that live there. These are pictures of two of them. In the next post I will post pictures of the other two. I don't want to keep you too long. I am exhausted today. Dishes and picking up toys non-stop can wear a Grammy out.
And it isn't like I'm not used to it. These kids have way too many toys.

This was walking home from the park. You should hear this little guy say "Gooble, Gooble." He talks non-stop. Every now and then you actually understand a word or two. It is so funny as we are always guessing what he is saying.

This is "our" Punky Brewster". Oh my the outfits she chooses. This was a floor length velvet skirt. She has two shirts on and decided to add the flower to her waist. She wore this to school one day. She signs her name followed by an exclamation point. That's my girl. (Groceries waiting to be put away) Snow White had me playing Wii. She said that it would help take my wrinkles away. Didn't work.

This poor dog takes alot from Baby Q. He loves his dog but is always in his face. He will offer him a bite of something and then yell,
"No Maslow" Maslow was trying to steal it away.

Doesn't he have the cutest smile. He is a bit onery, can you tell?

A cold evening at the park. It didn't snow while I was there but there was still some on the ground. Mostly the temps were in the 60's and actually really nice.

Snow White made a mad dash for the park and Baby Q. had to hold on tight. Sometimes you wonder how they survive. The baby took three bad falls while I was there. God knew what he was doing when he made babies little heads so strong.

Nice doggy.

I went to Colorado as Baby Q.'s babysitter had to be gone. My son-in-law lost his job a couple of months ago. My daughter was afraid if he got a new job she wouldn't have anyone to watch the baby. So far he isn't working. He did have an interview and it gave him a chance to do some things around the house. I don't need much of an excuse to head West. They grow up so quickly and I want them to know who I am.

Having a day to rest up is so nice.
Never got dressed. I also have tomorrow off but going to the eye doctor. I am also painting houses for Cindy's neighborhood swap. I hope to get them finished quickly to get them in the mail.

Lots of catching up to do...........((((((HUGS)))))


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable children. You had a great time shows on all your faces. So happy for you that you were able to go spend time with them. Hugs

Gina said...

Welcome back! Your grandchildren are too cute!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh it sounds and looks as though you had the time of your life.... What a Blessing to be able to visit with your family..and ESPECIALLY the Grand babies...:)

NanaDiana said...

Hi Debby- Glad you got home. Now get some rest! I love the picture of you with the grandkids. They are just darling kids. Our Ria dresses like your SnowWhite! We call her our bohemian child! In the 60's she would have been a hippy! Have a nice night-x0 Diana

Nan said...

Hi Debby sounds like a good trip. That little guy does have a bit of the devil in him I see it too lol..
You are so right they grow up too fast. My grandson entered college I can't believe how the years flew.
60 degrees that's our summer weather here! My cards came and I liked them so much I ordered 20 more! Nan

E said...

Debbie They're so cute ! Glad the weather was good for you, and know you were glad to get to spend this time with them. E in TN

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you had a nice time with the grandkids. They are precious!

Rest this week! :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Glad you had such a nice time with the kids!~Hugs, Patti

Heather said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your very cute grandchildren! Welcome back, and good luck with all your projects!

Angie said...

Oh, I feel like such a bad blog friend! I've been wanting to catch up on your blog for so long...

It looks like you had fun visiting with your sweet grandkids :) That picture with you and them certainly makes it look like family time agrees with you :)

I hope to read through the rest of your recent posts in the next few days!

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Angie from Ohio

Julie Harward said...


bj said...

Oh, boy...we do love our grands but when they are that young, they CAN be a handful. I know you loved every minute of it.
Good luck on my giveaway...:))

Sue said...

She's baaack...... How are you schweetie, besides tired? LOL It looks as if you had a wonderful visit in CO. Those two kiddos are cutie pies. When do you get back to watching little Annabelle? I bet you'll get an earful when you see her. :-)

Julia said...

Aww, being a grandmother involves wrinkles but grandkids is such a reward. Thanks for sharing your beautiful grandkid pictures with us.

I know what you mean by needing a day off once in a while. I'm glad that you could enjoy your visit. JB

Genie said...

So good to hear from you....glad you had such a good trip. Loved seeing the photos of the grandchildren. My weekend was wonderful. We all had the best time. Gene and all are flying to San Diego on Sat. for a week with friends. Patricia’s parents gave them the tickets. I worry about them flying, but then I worry about everything. I finally heard from UVA TODAY...1 month. My appt is first week in January with the scholiosis specialist. Am still feeling pretty good from the prednisone...and still have your goodie ready to be mailed. I am so bad! Patricia asked if I had mailed it yet....and I had to say, no. Good luck at the eye doctor. I will be thinking of you. genie