Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Humor (Hang in til the end for the funny)

Wednesday I baked pies for Thanksgiving at my son and DIL's house the next day. I picked the girls up from school as same son and DIL were Christmas shopping all day (Wed.) How do you do that the day before you have Thanksgiving. They are so organized all the time. This was their first time to host. My DIL said she didn't want to stress like her mom does. She felt that we were the perfect trial run because we aren't fussy.
All we care about is getting together.
So when I picked up the girls they decided to dress Piper up.
As you can see he is less than pleased but he's such a good sport, he will do anything. He loves them so much.

Froggy Boy.


Not to pleased to be a flower boy.

Blurry but had to post.

Here are the guilty ones that dressed Piper up. (Hubby's ugly chair that soon will be curb side)

Where was Izzy........avoiding the dressup time. Really blurry as she was trying to get away. See Piper in the background. He is so jealous of her getting any attention.

Thanksgiving was alot of fun. Those two cute little girls kept us all entertained. They had Lipton's noodles and peas and they didn't even eat that. They are so picky. With two celiac people and one vegetarian our menu was mixed but oh so good.

Okay, are you sitting is the funny part......

Goose walked out into the kitchen when her daddy was dressing the turkey. She said, OMG (the letters not the words) THAT IS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE AND I AM NOT EATING ANY OF THAT TURKEY. She is five.

So funny.

Foot notes:

Am I shopping today, no way. Even if I had $ I wouldn't be. Thinking of shutting off the TV as the ads are driving me crazy. Hubby has to work today so I am going to start decorating for Christmas, going to clean carpets (yuck) and let the dogs in and out all day long. Don't you envy me, he he.

Have a good week-end my friends.


Junebug said...

Aren't children priceless! Sounds like you had a great day. Poor Piper, but I sure deep down he was enjoying the attention. Hugs!!

Genie said...

Hang on GF....Early Christmas is on its way....SUSPRISE. Hope it puts a smile on your face. You and Weezie got the first packages. There will be more to come, but thought this might put a grin on your face. Love all the photos.Glad your trip was fun and happy andyou are home safe and sound. We MUST figure out this Skipe thing. Back awful, but what is new. Went to my closest friend’s across the hill for Tgiving yesterday - Bud and I had to drive 2 cars - Buddy left for Roanoke because his 41 year old niece has been in ICU for a week now with blog clots in her lungs, thigh, and heart...and her kidneys are not working. Thought she had the flu. After he left I was on the floor with ice packs. Tried sofa but that did not work. Driving home across the mountain the spasms were so bad....and I was gripping the steering wheel so hard...I came way tooooo close to some trees on the right...don’t guess I will do that again. Anyway, all is well, and Ridgie will be here next Saturday from Seattle. This will be his first visit in 5 years. He and Gene will both be here Sat nite, Sunday, and Monday til about 5 or 6. I cannot believe he is coming home. I am SOSOSOSOO excited to have my boys. Buddy has gotten off so that is great as they adore him. Take care my GF and keep in touch. XOXOXO Genie

Nan said...

Oh that's so funny, the things kids come up with.
I'm not shopping either I don't buy a bunch of stuff all at once and I make most of my gifts.

Anonymous said...

"Out of the mouths of babes" comes to mind!! Too cute!

And those precious little girls with those sweet smiles are into "DOG TORTURE"????? Whodathunk?

Our dau used to dress up our dog, too. What's up with that? Maggie came running into the kitchen once with a paper hat on her head (rubber band as the strap) and you could just hear her saying "GET THIS OFF MY HEAD"!!!!!!!!

Pipe is patient, that's for sure.

Can't even think about putting out Christmas decorations yet. Maybe next week.

Gobble gobble.....

Sue said...

We used to dress up the cat! So, yes, I get it! LOL Poor little doggie! Good for Izzy trying to get away....
I ate too much yesterday. Am putting up one of the 7 trees today. Am I nuts?!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Yesterday I wanted to throw the remote thru the TV with the one Walmart ad that played over and over and over. ARRRGGGHHHH

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMGosh I love this story. Isn't it amazing what comes out of their mouths especially at such young ages. I can just picture her eyes getting big when she says this. lol
I totally am with you about shopping on Black Friday. Even if I could afford it I wouldn't dare try it.
Too many crazies out there.
It is raining here today and I am alone listening to a sound I am not familar with rain falling on a tin roof. After our drought this summer this is a blessing.
Just came by to tell you how Thankful I am to have you as a dear friend
Love ya

Julia said...

Ho Debby, that story was a hoot. Your granddaughter has her principals and she is not afraid to voice her opinion. Too cute. Piper was a good sport.

Have a great week. Hugs JB