Friday, November 18, 2011

From my heart - caution some sadness involved

I can't post without a picture. So what does this have to do with my two grandsons.........they are COUSINS. Okay I will number my concerns.........not in any certain order.

1. I so miss my COUSIN. She has been gone nine months now. PLEASE get your flu shots. I hear some many excuses.....if you can't do it for yourselves do it for the people you love. Enough said.

2. This one is so heavy on my heart right now. I know Mr. Cozy is sick of hearing me talk about this. My adopted son has a birth sister. She was adopted by another couple. I was instrumental in that adoption. You might remember me saying how her mother broke our hearts for years but not continuing their relationship....actually blocking us from her. Well, now my heart breaks for his sister and her mother. Yes, the same mother. 7 weeks ago her adopted father never returned home from a day of working on their farm. His truck was found on one of their properties slightly damaged. His splattered blood in the bed of the truck. Other things not quite right around the outside...... No clues to his where abouts. They have offered a reward for any information. They live in a small close community in Northern Ohio where things like this doesn't happen. I saw them on the news this week. The sadness on their faces was so hard to see. They need lots of prayers.

3. My daughter-in-law's little 9 year old nephew had his third hip surgery this week. He has cysts that continue to form on his hip. I don't understand it all but this was supposed to be a surgery to repin this area due to growth. What they thought was the bone where they could place the pins was another cyst. So the surgery was not successful. He has been in alot of pain. Pray for Brett. He is such a sweet boy.

4. Our blogging pal, Maggie from Grandma Yellow Hair blog Just between you and I is hurting badly. Details not known but something happened to her daughter. She supplies us with such laughter and stories on her blog and now she is beyond words. Lifet her up as well, please.

5. Two of my friends are facing foreclosure. I am sure we all know people that this is happening to. So many homeless people and all these houses sitting empty.

6. I saw a man from my neighborhood at the grocery. The last 3 years are so I have noticed how thin he has gotten. I would not of known him at all. He weighed nothing. I don't know what is wrong with him but something very bad. This man once critised our son in the neighborhood swimming pool. Something like calling him "stupid". My older son was so mad he jumped into the pool and carried his chubby little brother all the way up our hill and home. Our son has challenges and that was just not called for. I still feel bad about this man.

7. This is getting long........Luanne and Teresa........also had surgeries this week that will take alot of therapy to heal. I am headed to see Luanne with a tall vanilla latte in a couple of hours. I called to see how she was and she mentioned how she was craving the coffee. Teresa on the other hand lives in can't drive there.

8. My daughter's husband lost his job. They are doing okay for now. She is a counselor in a middle school and is always gathering money and gifts for other people. One of her co-worker's son was in a terrible accident and is paralized. Money was gathered for her just last week. She takes on families at Thanksgiving and Christmas for her school. She just told me last week that she and my granddaughter were going to deliver turkey meals today after school. Our daughter wanted us to come for Christmas. Yes, I haven't even been home for a week. My hubby has only seen her almost 2 year old two times. She booked tickets for us. We will repay her but just saying how unselfish she her dad.........always thinking of others. WELL, she found gift cards on her desk this week. She didn't know where they came from. She sent out a memo as she didn't know how she was to spend this on the families. Guess what, her bosses gave these to her for her not the families. She isn't hurting right now and I think that makes it even more special. They did it for her because she is always doing for others.

9. Money is so tight for some this year.
Alot of sad times . With the holidays coming I know that I will appreciate everything just a bit more. It's not about the presents but the time spent with friends and families.

Are you still with me, hah. I will end this not so happy post with : Get your flu shot, give lots of (((((((HUGS))))) and pray for those that you care about. Why, because I care about YOU.


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

you are a darling person and I will add my prayers to yours for all those lives and others to get complete healing for whatever dis- ease is within them..
You have a huge heart and I appreciate you sharing with us.
I will remember to be extra grateful this season.


Ruby Jean said...

Debby I will certainly be praying for your Heavy Heart as well as ALL that you have listed... Blessings to you this day

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

That was a great message for everyone. Always try to remember the blessings in your life. Our troubles may seem overwhelming at times but the good always outweighs the bad. I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving Debby!~Hugs, Patti

Angie said...

So sorry to hear you have so much sadness surrounding you right now. Gabe and I just sat here together holding hands and went down the list and prayed. Wishing I could do more but I know the Lord hears us and has the power to heal each hurt.

Hoping His joy finds you and your loved ones right where you are :)


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Oh, Debby... what tragic stories! Especially the one about the mom who your daughter knows that her son was paralyzed. That one just got to me. Well, I prayed for him and his mom. I also prayed for each person as I went along, so they are all covered. Here I was, missing my cat who died, and worrying about making ends meet myself, and to hear all of these sad stories, I realize how lucky I am... It's so nice of you to take your time to write about all of these people, but they will hopefully get a lot of prayers, so it was wonderful of you to tell us. Have a good weekend, and God bless you, Debby.

NanaDiana said...

Debbie- Thank you for sharing all the pain that is around you. I think when we share the pain it is lessened somehow. Now you know that we will be praying for these people. I am so sorry to hear of so many tragedies..and that they strike so close to home for you! Blessigns- Diana

Grammy Goodwill said...

Thanks for lifting these people up, Debby. We never know hidden hurts that others have.

Julia said...

Oh debby, so much sorrow for you to carry, such a heavy load. I"m sorry that so many people are in some misery because of the economic situation.

Loosing a friend is always hard. I've got my flu shot last week but thanks for the reminder. I'll keep your intentions in my prayers. Hugs. JB

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Debby what a lovely kind soul you are and I can not thank you enough for mentioning my pain. I so believe in the power of prayer and I think with all of you praying has really helped Christi and I more than I can say.
I do need to be able to talk about this and maybe I can soon.
My prayers for all your friends and family. So sad about your sons birth sister and family.
I hope your DL's nephew is better now and out of so much pain. I have no problems when I read about all of these families.
I know you still miss your sweet cousin and I did get my flu shot this year and I hope others do the same.
Soon I will send you a email honey.
Love ya

Jo said...

What sadness. I guess what we can take from it is to be thankful for what we have it might not be as much as some but it is more than others. I will keep you post in mind whenever I go to complain abt this or that. Thanks you for the flu shot reminder - and I got mine 2 wks ago

Nan said...

Well I am just so blessed and thankful everyday for that. Things will turn in the other direction I'm sure they usually do in time.

Pam said...

I did get my flu shot this year! Are you back home now? I went to Thornville yesterday and was thinking of you, but I thought you were still in Colorado.

Debbie said...

We did get our flu shots. My hubby has COPD, and I have type 1 diabetes, so it is imperitive we get one. The flu could kill either one of us easily. Thanks for the reminder.
I am sorry for all that saddness in your life right now. We too are in the process of losing our home. It's very scary and no fun!! But God has a plan for us. I try to remember that.
I will be praying for those you mentioned.

God Bless~

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Debby, There is such sadness in the world it seems more so at this time of year than any other. I am thankful your life is blessed with loved ones who make you smile on a daily basis. It shines through even a sad post.
I have shared your tags on my blog, and I hope you don't mind I am giving one to my TSG whose birthday it is today, Monday. She loves penguins! Your tags are so cute, and I thank you for them.


You certainly are a very loving person to take on the hearts of so many with such sadness going on in their lives. May things turn around and healings begin for you and all concerned. The economy is always a growing concern for everyone. We all struggle to make ends meet, but we grow from the challenges which makes us stronger. From all of our weaknesses, may there always be strength and gratitude. Bless you! May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving amongst family and friends.

Susie Q said...

You are just such a precious lady and it hurts my heart to know you have had to deal with so much. You will be in my prayers and heart...if you ever need to talk, I am here. Sending you many hugs.

Donna said...

Thanks for reminding us to pray for those who need it Debby. This is one of my happy years. Others have been 'not so happy'. It is just as right for us to weep with those who to rejoice with those who rejoice.

Thanks for the reminder.