Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little tour of my home

Just a little tour around my house. My house is not one bit fancy, very lived in and child proof.
No granite coutertops or stainless steel appliances. My kitchen hasn't been remolded for several years now and I still like it the way it is. So here we go........the above picture is from last fall. The cabinet in the back was my grandmothers. I have thought about painting it.

My living room and dining room is combined.
Actually the whole upstiairs is very open.

Piper and the kitchen cabinets. I didn't want the mess of painting the cabinets. I am lazy and didn't want the big mess. I changed out the handles. It was hard to find ones that were the same length as the older ones so we didn't have to redrill holes. I found these a long time ago at Restoration hardware. They still took time adding the new handles and sanding and oiling the cabinets so the original hardware marks weren't seen.

I'd like to get another sofa someday. The dogs love this one to take their naps on.

My antique wagon. You most likely have seen this before. I think it is my favorite piece in my house.

I bought this little chair at the French Hen Barn Sale for $15. I need another chair for my kitchen. Sometimes two isn't enough.

My antique ice chest.
Not liking this picture because it's the microwave you notice. I moved it there to free up counter space.

The littles eat at this table and do all their painting. I bought this table at an antique barn ages ago. It looks like it would fold up but it doesn't. I do plan on painting this one day as well.

The shelves above that table. I loved this wallpaper and still do. It has french words.

I used two tea towels for the curtains. I loved them......they didn't work mid way because I wanted to be able to see out. This way I could still put flowers in the little bottles. I had more pictures of the kitchen but can't seem to find them.

So that's a little bit of my home. Very simple but it's COZY.

Another I forgot that it was early dismissal. My DIL called and said that someone went into my son's classroom (different school) and said I was to pick up Tanner right now. I asked my DIL what time it was because my clock said I didn't need to pick him up for 30 minutes.
As soon as I heard "early dismissal" I felt so bad. Tanner was okay but his aide not so happy. Then after he was in the car he said, 'How many more days do we have." I am going to Colorado this week-end for a week. He said, "You can't leave me and it better not be for a year." So I guess he wasn't mad at me for being late.

Then yesterday while riding in the car the girls were talking about having a babysitter. I said, "Well, I am your babysitter." Little China Girl laughed really hard and said, "You're not our babysitter you are like a Mommy to us." I did explain more like a grandma. Made me feel pretty good about what I do.

Today we had a beautiful day. I took China Girl to the park. She ran and ran and had the best time. It was O.'s 5th birthday. I told her she could choose a place for me to take them for lunch. She choose Brews......hamburger and beer restaurant in the village. So that's where we went. I expected her to say McDonald's or for pizza.

I saw a beautiful fox yesterday. So red and colorful. Not far from our house.

I am so excited about heading West. Can't wait to see those grandbabies.

Thanks for listening my friends.


Kimberly said...

It's lovely. Nice and cozy. I got my package today!! Thank you.

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Thanks for sharing, Debby. . . It's a lovely home and it's easy to see why you would be quite content here. It's nice to get to that point in life where we're content, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing.

Junebug said...

Debby, you said a house tour. I call this a "home" tour. Your home is lovely and so inviting. Yes, the word cozy does come to mind but isn't that what we all want in our homes. That warm cozy feeling and that is exactly what yours is! Yep, i could snuggle right in!

Polly said...

love the tea towel curtains! and those yellow flowers on the sill are darling! thanks for sharing your sweet home!

Sherri B. said...

Debby, your house is so comfy and cozy a place where everyone feels welcome...not all homes are like that you know. Thanks for showing us around. - Didn't that just melt your heart when she said you are like a sweet. - Have a wonderful time on your trip! xo

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Very nice Debby! Our homes should be all about us! Have fun on your visit with your family!~Hugs, Patti

Grammy Goodwill said...

Debby - I see exactly where the name of your blog came from. Thanks for sharing a look into your home with us. When are you going to see the grandbabies?

NanaDiana said...

Debby- Your home is as warm and cozy as you are! It is nice to feel settled and have HOME feel like HOME , isn't it?

Too bad about the little late incident at school but nothing too bad! I hope that you have a wonderful trip to see your other "kids". xo Diana

Jo said...

Love your place- you should be surround by what you like and enjoy Have fun on your trip...

Nan said...

If you home makes you happy that is what's most important not what other people think. Thanks for sharing with us always a pleasure to visit.

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Thanks for sharing the photos - you're house is so pretty! I love the antique pieces you have - and the updates on the kiddos are fun too. I hope you have a great time with your grandbabies!

Anonymous said...

Your HOME is inviting and warm and country sweet. I'd be super comfy there visiting you on your couch with the puppies snuggled up!

You have made a beautiful home Deb. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's always nice to see how our other blogger friends live. It makes it so much more personal and friendly.

I know you're headed West. Give me a buzz if you can!


Julia said...

Hi Debby, how so very warm of you to take us on a tour of your charming home. I love that it's child proof and how lovely the kids think of you as their mommy instead of babysitter. Your home radiate of warmth and those little vases of cheery flowers on the windowsill adds a little sunshine.

I'm a bit like you as I only buy things that nobody want from a secondhand store but somehow even though nothing match, it has character. I feel at home. When people come for a visit, I know that they come to visit me and not to look at my furniture. JB

Karen Mortensen said...

I love your home. You can send me that wagon with the bear and doll in it anytime. said...

Cozy indeed:) Thanks for the tour!


Nezzy said...

Oh darlin', how warm and invitin' your home is.

I see we both love the 'bears' and I've got that exact 'tall' angel standin' in the corner of my cabinet.

Thanks so much for the lovely tour.

'Have a blessed and beautiful day my dear!!! :o)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your home is not only cozy but lovely too. Glad you shared these with us. I would have to really do some picking up to share mine right now. lol
Glad your headed out West to see the grandbabies I know their as excited as you are.
Your piper to too daughter would have a fit over him.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Sweet Debby your home is beautiful. Enjoy your trip and those grands this weekend. Hugs

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Your house looks so warm and cozy. It must be a very happy place to be.

You asked about installing the corbels, they are made of a composite and are very light weight so the only problem is drilling the holes for the screws. anyone with a hand drill can do it. If you check out the web site you will see lots of different styles and sizes, they are very reasonable in price. Hope this works for you, if it does let me know.(-:

Sue said...

I would love to come and visit your cozy house any old day, Debby! Had a wonderful time with you today!!!Hope you have a great visit with your family this next week. xo Sue

Isabelle Thornton said...

I love all your Antiques. It's a cute home :)
Don't worry about the nursery. I decided to link my own post. It doesn't look like i have a lot of"baby" readers...I don't know.LOL
Hope your week end is great....and 3 days! WOW. I still need to take the pictures...Maybe tomorrow.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh Debby...I just realized that you are the age of my oldest children...but their children wore the pj's with feets.. :)
I think if you don't dye your hair and it shows some silver...but nearly everyone dyes their hair.
I am so happy when I see that people are going's wonderful. My daughters swear they won't dye their hair..but they started to..and then stopped.

I love your home by the way. It's HOME! Your living room and dining room are like mine..all in one.
I love it!
No granite counters for me either.
No stainless steel. :) We are in a fifties home..small by some standards.
Very comfy.

Kathy said...

Your home is terrific Debby, it is cozy and it sounds like these dear children consider it home too. You've provided just the right places for them to be creative! Boy, oh boy! I can't wait to be a grandma!
Have a great day,

Julie Harward said...

Debby, I know that you have a life that is real and that you are a happy person, I think that is great. Your home is cozy..just like you! :D

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love all of your collection. That Piper is darling!

Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers dear friend.

Recently Roached said...

Your home looks fun and warm :) I love the antique chair!! :)